5 Benefits of Repurposing Your Content for Different Channels
Moyofade Ipadeola

Creating content can be exciting. You get to study your audience, produce content that will meet their needs, sell your product(s) and boost your brand. However, as thrilling as content creation is, it’s a lot of work and becomes draining with time. The rigor of producing fresh content frequently soon wears out any marketing team.

This is where you need to work smart and not just hard. Repurposing your content is smart work. A single piece of content can serve many purposes if well packaged. Doing this helps you save time and effort while increasing your efficiency. Here, we discuss how to repurpose your content and the benefits you stand to gain.

What is content repurposing

Content repurposing is the practice of reusing content you already have by changing the format and sharing it on different channels. This increases the content’s reach and lifespan. When you start practicing content repurposing, you create your content from scratch with the aim of reusing it in different formats.

Why you need to familiarize yourself with internet facts and resources

Internet content does not exist in isolation; there are several factors online that influence content creation. Therefore, you must acquaint yourself with internet facts and how the internet works to be able to create relevant and effective content. In addition, researching different resources online will guide you on how to repurpose your content.

4 creative ways you can repurpose content

Some content creators understand the concept of repurposing content but have no idea how to go about it. Here are creative ways to repurpose your content.

1. Transcribe audio to text

A great way to repurpose your content is by transcribing your audio content into text. For example, if you have a podcast, interview, conference or training recording, you can transcribe the audio into an eBook or a manual. Many software programs help you do this transcription effortlessly and Happy Scribe is a popular brand. Happy Scribe enables you to transcribe audio to text flawlessly and quickly. With this, you’ll be able to use the same content on different channels, to reach more people.

2. Create a Youtube video from your how-to blogs

If you think you're out of content ideas, think again. What about your old how-to blog posts? How about repurposing them into Youtube videos and reaching more audiences? All you have to do is turn the blogs into scripts and make them into short, concise videos. You’ll be surprised at how many videos you can get from all your blog posts.

3. Turn your blog posts into infographics

You can still do more with your blog posts, especially those with data and statistics. Repurpose them into infographics. The visual nature of infographics makes the information in them easy to process. The following are the benefits you get from converting blog posts into visual content like infographics:

  • They help present information in a more appealing way
  • Faster decision-making from your target audience
  • Easy to share

    4. Make podcasts from blog posts

    By now, you know your blog posts are a gold mine. We have yet another use for them; make podcasts from them. Go through your blog posts and select those with high readership or responses. It shows people would be willing to hear more about those topics. Build conversations around these topics through podcasts and watch more people develop an interest in the topic, and by extension, your product and brand.

    5 benefits of repurposing your content

    After learning creative ways to reuse your content, you should be aware of what you will benefit from the process. Here are five advantages of content repurposing.

    1. It increases your reach

    This is, perhaps, the biggest benefit of repurposing your content. People are interested in different content formats and presenting your content in these different forms attracts more people. For example, people on Twitter might not be interested in reading a blog post. However, by converting the salient points in your blog posts into chewable posts on your Twitter handle, you will be catching the attention of the Twitter audience.

    2. It lets you make better use of unpopular content

    If a piece of content has not been successful, don't give up on it. Instead, repurpose it into another format and give it new life. Take a podcast that doesn't have a wide reach, for instance. Rather than wait until people listen to it, convert the salient points into an infographic and share it on social media. With that, you’re able to share the same message in another format and reach more people. Think of what would happen if you left it as a podcast.

    3. It optimizes your time and resources

    Content development takes time and resources. Now, imagine creating content from scratch for every channel. That would take tons of time, money and effort. However, with content repurposing, you can create one content piece from scratch and reformat it into many parts for different channels, saving you time and resources. For example, you can convert the recording from a conference into a blog post, an infographic, a youtube video, a podcast and social media posts.

    4. It boosts your SEO

    One of the aims of creating content is to grow your SEO. When you repurpose content, you achieve this aim. Having your content in different channels improves your SEO. Also, having your content in shareable forms like infographics and social media posts gives you a huge SEO boost.

    5. It improves your brand visibility

    Repurposing content makes your brand more visible across different channels. With the wider reach you get from converting your content into several formats and sharing it on many channels, your brand gets better known and appreciated. This boosts your brand perception, which is important for business success.

    Repurpose your content and enjoy great dividends

    Content development does not have to be a pain in the neck; it can be a walk in the park. With content repurposing, you get to use the same piece of content for several purposes. There are many creative ways to go about it, as mentioned here. When done the right way, content repurposing can help you increase your reach, refurbish old content, maximize your time and effort, improve your SEO and boost your brand visibility.