Ensure A Successful Business By Following These Tips
Camie Cooper

Almost anyone can start a business once you fill out forms and get the necessary permits and licenses. Successfully running a business is an entirely different story. Different factors determine the success of a business, and by following certain tips, you may be among the few companies that thrive.

Some reasons why 50% of businesses call it quits within five years include poor marketing strategies, no plan for scaling, and lack of demand for your product. Your business may also fail due to a poor understanding of your ideal customer persona (ICP) and inadequate investment in cybersecurity.

This article will show five tips for running a successful business in 2022 and beyond.

1. Set revenue and profitability goals

For a business to thrive, it needs enough money to fund its operations and realize a profit. In turn, it needs profits to ensure future growth.

Determine how much money your business needs to bring in monthly, quarterly, and annually to succeed. Factor in business costs like capital, production, and salaries to arrive at an accurate value.

Use the value to set the price for your products and services. You don’t want to underprice your services and end up with losses. Revenue and profitability goals will help you stay on track.

2. Hire a great team

Most businesses usually overlook the impact of employee engagement. A good HR team with the right set of tools can increase the profitability of your business. Your customers will be happy with your brand because they’ll be treated well by your employees.

Also, have a strong recruitment process to ensure you hire the right candidates. The right candidates stay longer in your business, reducing turnover costs. More time gets invested in growing your business instead of looking for a new talent when a disgruntled employee leaves.

3. Incentivize your employees

Employees who feel that you have their best interest at heart will dedicate their time and resources to growing your business. This is why offering benefits to your employees is important.

You may offer benefits such as extra paid time off for special occasions such as weddings or graduation, health insurance, and student loan repayment plans. The underlying principle behind taking care of your employees is that a happy employee results in a happy customer.

4. Conduct customer research

Customer research is a vital step in running a successful business. When you know the needs of your prospects, you’ll create the right product. Your messaging will also get their attention because it matches the solutions to their problems.

Invest in customer research methods such as interviews, surveys, and online reviews. Visit sites where your prospects hang out to learn more about how they describe their problems. You may identify ways to stand out from your competition, such as presenting your product as a solution to a definite problem. You can also share relatable stories that make your prospects feel like you’re talking directly to them.

5. Create a disaster recovery plan

To run a successful business, you should be prepared for any disasters by having a disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan is a document showing the steps you’ll follow to recover your business following disasters such as floods, fire, theft, and cyber attacks.

Disasters disrupt your business resulting in profit loss. Customers may leave when they cannot be served in time. Prospects may prefer going with your competitors when they hear your computer systems got hacked by cyber attackers.

A disaster recovery plan ensures such negative events are fixed quickly. For example, in the case of a cyber attack leading to data loss, you may retrieve a copy of the data from the cloud. So the downtime resulting from cyber attacks gets reduced drastically. Customers may not even notice the problem.

A disaster recovery plan may also combat the theft of equipment, such as laptops and computers. If you have a cloud backup plan that performs real-time cloud sync, you won’t have to worry about losing sensitive information. You’ll simply log into the server and access the updated information.


Figuring out how to run a successful business shouldn’t be difficult. It begins by setting realistic revenue and profitability goals. You also need a great team of people with the right skills for the tasks.

You also need to have the right information on your customers, which is where customer research comes in. Finally, be prepared for the worst, and don’t forget to create a disaster recovery plan.