Why you need an Amazon Price Tracking Tool
Alon Ghelber

If the e-commerce explosion of recent times tells us anything, it's that online shopping has completely changed the way that we spend money. With the convenience of shopping from home, the ability to buy products from a wide range of different retailers, and the speed and simplicity of digital transactions, consumers the world over are increasingly turning to online stores to fulfill their retail needs.

The benefits of shopping online are clear for all to see, especially on major retail sites like Amazon, which provide all manner of products in the same location and boast enticing daily deals. However, there are also downsides that come with online shopping. Chief among these is the use of use dynamic product pricing, which can cause the price of products to fluctuate dramatically and frequently, multiple times a day in many cases. Needless to say, this can make it challenging for consumers to keep up with the best deals, and in many instances can even lead to us overpaying for products.

To avoid these issues and maximize the potential of online shopping, more and more people are turning to Amazon price tracking tools. Here, we'll discuss what an Amazon price tracking tool is and how you can use one to achieve a more satisfying online shopping experience.

What is an Amazon price tracking tool?

An Amazon price tracking tool is a specific type of software application developed to empower users to make intelligent and well-informed purchasing choices when shopping for products on digital retail platforms like Amazon. Price tracking tools give users the ability to ascertain the right moment to buy a specific product by tracking pricing data and monitoring fluctuations.

Through the use of Amazon price tracking software, you can keep a close on a wide variety of products at the same time. This gives you the ability to compare offers on different e-commerce websites and identify the best price available at any given moment. Price tracking applications provide detailed information on product price histories, as well as price notifications. As such, they put the power back in your hands as a consumer by allowing you to pay the price you want for the products you desire.

You can install Amazon price tracking software in two ways: either as a full client application that runs from your desktop or as a lightweight extension that you add to your preferred web browser. Both clients and extensions have their uses, though extensions are often considered the more user-friendly option due to their simple design and convenient integration with browsers that most users already use routinely.

How do price-tracking tools work?

Amazon price tracking software functions by using a product tracking list curated by you, the user. When you place a particular item on the product list, the application will take the initiative and automatically begin visiting the product page of that item regularly. With each visit, the software will copy the product pricing data from the page and add it to its database. When you next shop online, your price tracking application will then provide you with the latest development on the price of that specific product.

Aside from the notifications that it provides, your price tracking software will also give you the option to view all of the pricing data it has recorded on a certain item. This means that you can use your price tracker to learn about the history of a product's price and gain relevant insights into pricing trends on Amazon. As a result, you can potentially stay ahead of the curve so that you're well-prepared for price drops on items you want to purchase.

How to buy at the best moment with an Amazon price tracking tool?

After you have installed your chosen Amazon price tracking tool, buying at the best moment is extremely easy.

All you need to do is add your desired items to your tracking list. To do this, navigate to the appropriate Amazon product page in your browser, then bring up your price tracking application. Open your product tracking list and add the relevant page. If you wish to purchase items at a specific price point, you can set parameters for price drop alerts here. This will determine when you receive notifications on price drops.

Once this has been completed, you can simply go about your normal activities and let your tracker do the rest. When the price of your desired product falls below your threshold, you will receive a real-time alert telling you that it's time to buy.


Online shopping is a fast and easy way for us to get hold of the products that we want, and there is ample opportunity to make real savings in the digital marketplace. At the same time, dynamic pricing does exist, and it is up to us as consumers to take the appropriate measures to avoid overpaying.

By installing an Amazon price tracking tool on your digital device, you can keep up with the best deals, make smarter purchasing decisions, and get maximal value for your hard-earned money.