The Pros And Cons Of Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies
Kim Harington

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly necessary for law firms as the world transforms. To capture more leads and reach potential clients, it is key that firms keep up with the latest strategies in digital marketing; however, this will only work for some firms due to its extensive nature. That being said, there are certainly some pros and cons of law firm digital marketing strategies that should be considered before making any changes to existing plans.

Pros of Investing in Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies

Law firms can gain a competitive advantage by investing in digital marketing strategies. This enables them to compete globally without hiring extra staff or investing significantly in traditional advertising. Implementing the correct strategy gives law firms access to an increased market and instant communication options with their targeted audience. Further, deploying effective digital marketing tactics offers other advantages, such as:

1. Increased Visibility

Digital marketing provides great visibility for your law firm. A good website and social media profiles can help potential clients connect with you. Furthermore, there are many online directories where people can look for local attorneys and legal services.

2. Better Targeting

Interactive digital marketing efforts allow a law firm to generate and accurately target more targeted leads from specific audiences. This is particularly helpful for smaller firms that need to try to get the attention of a larger number of customers in a shorter period.

3. Greater Return on Investment

Many tools necessary for modern digital marketing campaigns can be paid for using subscription models or digital advertising services. This allows law firms to invest less in digital marketing without compromising quality or features.

4. Cost Savings & Performance Gauging

By tracking results in real time, digital marketing campaigns allow law firms to adapt their campaigns in response to current conditions and find ways to optimize costs while increasing ROI. This can also be done globally, allowing you to know what works in which markets and how best to maximize results.

5. Ensure that their website appears on search results

Lastly, law firm SEO marketing strategies can ensure that their website appears on SERPs when someone searches for a lawyer. This will bring more organic visitors to the site, increasing visibility without additional costs that would otherwise need to be spent on ad campaigns.

Cons of Investing in Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies for law firms can have many advantages; however, there are drawbacks. Disadvantages of applying digital marketing include:

1. No Control

With direct control over the content, consumers will likely trust a provider as much as a traditional advertiser. Further, you need a large media budget to convey your message clearly and concisely.

2. Lack Of Instant Results

It might take upwards of months before any results start showing due to needing time to foster enough organic traffic to generate sales.

3. Difficult To Measure

To accurately measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns, you need a relevant and accurate tracking tool that provides insight into your campaign's performance in real-time.

4. Law Firm Reputation

Since digital marketing campaigns can harm your law firm's reputation, they should only be implemented cautiously. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the digital marketing space or have never invested in digital marketing before. It should be done with careful consideration and direction if you make any changes to your law firm's reputation.

5. Threat Of Disruption From New Technology

It is still being determined what the future holds for digital marketing, so it is not guaranteed that current trends will continue to hold up.


While digital marketing can expand a company's reach and bring in quality leads, it should be approached cautiously. Aspects like potential damage to the firm's reputation or legal issues that may come up need to be considered. Harrell & Harrell, PA has succeeded from marketing solutions, leading to increased exposure, revenue, brand awareness, and new client acquisition. Get in touch today for more information on digital marketing and its benefits for law firms.