Is it Time to Outsource Your Mobile Media Marketing?
Rob Turner

The availability of free and affordable promotion tools, such as social media and paid ads, makes it all the more tempting for bootstrapped entrepreneurs to save on professional services and take a DIY approach to marketing.

But just because you can use these tools without the guidance of a marketer, it doesn’t mean that you should - especially if mobile media marketing isn’t your forte or your budget doesn’t allow for trial-and-error.

In a mobile media industry ruled by the law of the jungle, outsourcing your marketing to the right agency can boost your chances of success.

Here’s when to consider it.

5 Signs That You Should Outsource Your Mobile Marketing

If you have developed a digital product, a mobile game, or an application, you know that your marketing strategy is what will make or break its chances of success.

But, in an industry dominated by publishers with thousands or millions of dollars to invest in marketing, it’s nearly impossible for independent developers and entrepreneurs to emerge without the help of expert marketers.

Here are the signs that it’s time to invest in the services of a leading mobile marketing agency

-You keep up with day-to-day marketing tasks (i.e.: posting on Instagram and paying for ads) but you are not clear on your goals and don’t have a master plan.

-Your marketing efforts aren’t reeling in the expected results and you feel that you are misspending your already-tight budget

-Your marketing activities are delivering results, but you don’t have enough time to strategize or work towards your company’s long-term goals.

-You don’t have the necessary funds to hire and maintain a full in-house marketing team - but you need specialized knowledge.

-Your product is gaining traction and you need more manpower to level up your marketing efforts

3 Tips for Successfully Outsourcing Your Mobile Media Marketing

Marketing and advertising are two of the main aspects to outsource to bring your tech startup success. However, not all partnerships with external agencies are successful. Knowing what to expect can help you make the most of what’s ahead.

Choose Your Marketing Partner Wisely

According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Outsourcing Survey, one of the main drivers behind a company’s decision to outsource its marketing services is cost reduction. But while small businesses might be drawn toward low-cost marketing services, the same report outlines the need for a better service provider selection process.

Ultimately, it is important to find a balance between affordability and high levels of specialization of your providers - especially if you operate within a highly competitive industry such as the mobile game application niche

Decide on the Functions To Keep In-House

One of the main perceived disadvantages of outsourcing is loss of control. However, when partnering with the right agency, you will have the opportunity to tap into premium promotion tools and expertise.

Even more importantly, you can decide to what extent you wish to outsource marketing activities. For example, you might opt to retain full control over the long-term strategy while delegating time-consuming activities such as posting on Instagram and commenting on Reddit posts.

Vice-versa, if you aren’t clear about what your strategy should be but you are creative at heart, you might allow a marketing agency to craft a master plan to follow.

Monitor Your KPIs and Metrics

One of the greatest advantages of having a marketing team by your side is that you’ll gain powerful insights into the impact of your marketing efforts.

Some of the mobile marketing KPIs and metrics to monitor to assess the success of your efforts include app store ranking, cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, and daily active users. Work closely with your marketing agency to track your performance based on these metrics.

So, Is It Time To Outsource Your Mobile Media Marketing?

No two projects benefit equally from outsourced marketing, which makes it hard to know what the best option for your company is.

However, if you have been struggling to keep up with marketing activities or don’t have a clear promotion roadmap to follow, outsourcing can be a low-risk solution to tap into the expertise you need.