5 Things To Outsource To Bring Your Tech Startup Success
Ashley Halsey

When building a tech startup from the ground up, it’s tempting to start doing everything yourself. For one thing, the budget is usually tight, to begin with, and it can appear at first glance that it’ll be cheaper to do a job yourself rather than outsource it to someone better qualified. One key fact about successful startups is that they have developed a core focus that allows them to produce incredible products that take the market by storm - but you can’t have a single-minded product mission if you’re trying to be a jack of all trades.

The arguments in favor of outsourcing are multiple - building in-house teams capable of tackling every angle is time-consuming and can ultimately break the bank. Recognizing the gaps in your own team’s knowledge and outsourcing in certain areas can ultimately save time, money, and build a better product, all surrounded by expert marketing and customer services. That’s a winning formula for a tech startup hitting the market.

1. Website Development And Graphic Design

No tech startup succeeds without a cohesive website and graphic design campaign. Unfortunately, too many people think that knowing a bit of code and having played around in Photoshop qualifies them to build these things! Presenting customers with a professional front means that you need a professional to do these jobs. A successful startup will need a memorable logo, business card design, and if there’s a product coming to market then product design to boot. Too many startups overlook these key elements as mere details that can be rushed out inhouse.

2. Content Marketing

The perfect marketing strategy is an essential component of any tech startup launch. Content marketing, an increasingly popular style of marketing, is especially valuable to startups with complex technology at their heart - when you’re bringing an innovative product to market, some customer education is usually necessary. Content marketing is able to educate a wide audience without being overly pushy. However, it’s a time-consuming process to publish the perfectly balanced literature that’ll engage your customers. Outsourcing a content marketing strategy allows you to focus on the main mission of your startup.

3. Conversion Optimization

A successful content marketing strategy will have a huge lead generation potential. Converting these leads is essential to the success of your startup, which usually enters highly competitive markets. As Maria Oneall, tech blogger at Writinity and Researchpapersuk report “improving your conversation rate to just 5% can bring your startup into the highest percentile of conversion. Yet this is a process that requires continuous tracking, managing, and testing of strategies.” Outsourcing this process can often be affordable, yet have a great return on investment as the leads pour in.

4. Administrative Tasks

When you’re running your own startup, the admin can begin to pile up. Customer relationships are time-consuming to maintain, answering emails and returning calls are all a crucial part of building the relationships key to your startup's success. “Keeping on top of all the communication necessary in a startup can be distracting when you want to focus on innovating and building - the skills that brought you into the industry in the first place. Outsourcing these daily administrative tasks is a time-saver that lets you focus on what you do best” says Theodora J. Bermudez, a business writer at Draft Beyond and Last Minute Writing.

5. Accounting And Taxes

Every business owner dreads the time of year that taxes are due yet too many people knuckle down to do battle with the spreadsheets themselves, not knowing that their time could be put to better use elsewhere. When your business is still growing it can be fairly straightforward to file your own taxes, yet this process snowballs as you find greater success. Starting off by building a relationship with an outsourced accounting agency will stand you in good stead for success down the line. What’s more, one little mistake in your taxes can be hugely costly - for peace of mind, this is best left to the experts.

Share The Load

Building a successful startup means building a strong team in-house - and then letting them do the job you hired them for. Don’t distract yourself or your team from your startup’s core focus by getting bogged down in administrative work or marketing strategies. Outsourcing these processes allows your startup to be surrounded by professional voices in all roles. By strategically outsourcing in certain areas you can actually save time and money for your business, and by focussing on where your skills are strongest you’ll be most likely to find success.

Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at Coursework writing services UK and Gum Essays who has been involved in nurturing startups for over two decades. She is a keen baker, cyclist and mountain climber and never stays still, much like the industry into which she has poured her life.