How to Find a Videographer for Your Digital Marketing Project
Rob Turner

A videographer, or someone who records images with a video camera, should be an essential part of your content marketing strategy. Content is King on the internet, and with 51% of marketing professionals in agreement that video offers the best ROI, you can’t afford to neglect this medium. To find the best videographer for your projects, continue reading below.

First Things First: What to do After the Hire

Before looking for a videographer, you need to prepare for what happens when you do find one because you risk looking unprofessional or untrustworthy. Experienced videographers want to know your agreement's terms and will feel safer if you provide them with a contract. To avoid speaking to lawyers, use a video production contract template to ensure you’re both protected in case of a disagreement and to mitigate risks.

Where to Find the Best Videographers

The best videographers aren’t easy to come by, but you can help narrow down your search by looking into the following websites, companies, and resources.

Job Boards

Not all job boards will provide you with the best videographers, but there are some websites that are consistent in finding the best talent:

  • Upwork: The most popular job board, Upwork, will set you up with millions of videographers and editors specific to your project needs. On the website, you can check portfolios, ratings, and feedback from past clients.

  • PeoplePerHour: Under the video editor category, you can find videographers that are jacks-of-all-trades. Check their profile for feedback and lists of skills. Proposals work both ways, so post your job description while searching yourself for results.

  • ProductionHUB: All of the major television networks have found crew members on ProductionHUB, but that exclusivity requires yearly membership. Still, if you want to find exceptional talent, ProductionHUB has plenty.

  • Fiverr: At Fiverr, you can hire top-rated sellers that will meet your deadlines, project goals, and company policies. Always check the creators' profile before hiring to ensure they can handle your project and create the type of video you want.

Other websites try to include Viedit, Behance, Videopixie, Mandy, and RedditForHire.

The University Film Department

Students are always looking for ways to fill up their portfolios. Hiring University film department students comes with many positives: they’re well educated, have hands-on training, and likely have access to all the necessary equipment. Students will likely work for less, but don’t let that stop you from paying them a decent wage. Ask the film professor how to advertise to students because you may be able to leave a flyer in the library or hallway.

Social Media

When used correctly, social media can be a good source of finding quality talent. On top of having a wide variety of content creators available on one platform, you also get the opportunity to see their work in real-time. Search for hashtags related to videography, editing, or your niche to narrow down your future prospects and follow their pages and accounts. Start the conversation by asking them about their professional experience and go from there.

Ask Your Friends

Great talent is sometimes hidden in your friend group, so ask around to find someone near you who has the required skill set or likes to make small movies in their spare time. If you can’t find anyone in your friend group, you could ask colleagues or other business professionals for a recommendation. Asking your family or friend group can save you a lot of time because if your close-knit group trusts a videographer, they likely produce exceptional work.

Use a Marketing Agency

Only use a marketing agency if you’ve run out of options because using their services doesn’t come cheap. However, if you do use a marketing agency, you’re guaranteed a human resources department, up-to-date equipment, and employees with an excellent track record. Before settling on your first option, shop around to find a studio that fits your brand and budget.