How to Manage Your Social Media Marketing Expectations
Rob Turner

Social media is a big part of online business marketing these days and for good reason. Marketing through social media is a fantastic way to drive consumer engagement and to reach a wider target audience than ever before.

However, it’s also important that you learn to manage your social media marketing expectations. This way, you won’t be disappointed or expect too much from your first marketing push when it doesn’t completely fix your business’s conversion rates.

Rely on Metrics When Managing Expectations

For starters, be sure that you check your metrics carefully and rely on the data you’ve gathered as your social media marketing takes off. Don’t expect your social media posting or ads to provide fantastic returns on your initial investment when your metrics show that social media engagement is still way down.

Furthermore, you can leverage Facebook analytics platforms to tailor your future social media marketing efforts for greater success, such as focusing on regular posting, repeated commenting, and more.

Remember that Social Media is Just One Part of Marketing

But you should also remember that your social media marketing ought to be just one part of your greater marketing campaign. Marketing is an ongoing process that must involve multiple focused efforts, combining advertisements, social media marketing, blogging, and more. Don’t expect social media marketing alone to boost your revenue or double your conversion rate.

Social Media Marketing Takes Time to Produce Results

Even the most effective and well-crafted social media marketing campaigns take time to provide fantastic results. That’s because just posting social media marketing content isn’t always enough to drive engagement.

People have to see the content repeatedly, connect with it, and eventually be convinced to go to your eCommerce business and spend their money. Again, focus on your social media metrics to help manage your expectations and avoid becoming disappointed when you don’t get a ton of new customers in the first week after the launch of a new marketing push.

Content Must Be Boosted to Be Seen

Any social media content you do post will likely need to be boosted to be seen by a wide enough audience for it to be worth it. This is only not true if you have an established brand, in which case you probably don’t need to read this guide!
Instead, focus on boosting your brand’s visibility on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms by:

  • Cross-posting with other businesses

  • Posting regularly and consistently so your content is favored by Facebook/Google’s algorithms

  • Posting engaging content that shows good engagement with target consumers

Don’t Expect Customers to Stick Around Forever

Lastly, don’t let your expectations get ahead of you by expecting your customers to stick around forever. Getting consumers as a result of your social media marketing is great. But you’ll need to retain those customers through repeat posting and new marketing pushes in the future.

Your social media marketing is a big part of your brand’s overall identity and visibility in your niche. But it has to be consistently good over a long time for it to be worthwhile. Keep working, don’t let your expectations get too crazy, and you’ll see results soon enough!