How These Simple Tech Solutions can Enhance Your Ecommerce Sales
Rob Turner

Ecommerce has disrupted the way businesses have conducted for centuries. As a positive, eCommerce leaves the door open for entrepreneurs to sell products with little to no boundaries. On the other hand, eCommerce owners have to be technologically savvy to stay competitive. However, you won’t need a degree to implement the following money-making tech solutions.

Video Testimonials

Good online reviews can make or break your business. More potential customers will convert into loyal consumers of your product or service if you've earned positive social proof through reviews. Unlike written reviews, which also build credibility and trust, video testimonials can:

  • Create a better emotional connection with the audience

  • Humanize the brand through human-to-human connection

  • Improves your exposure through an often un-utilized review method

  • Grabs the attention faster than a simple text-based review

Creating a polished testimonial video can take a lot of time, but many apps have made the process of shooting and editing simple. For example, Vocal Videos’ guide to testimonial software shows you how to create the best ready-to-publish videos in minutes, complete with branding and SEO integration.

Interactive Visualization

55% of consumers still visit stores before buying online because they can physically touch or try on the product. Most clothing retailers have bypassed this problem by providing as much information about the product as possible, from measurements to materials. However, product visualization comes in handy more so when it’s difficult to describe the product through text.

3DC modeling on a suitable background can help your customers see exactly what the item will look and feel like when they receive it from an eCommerce website. Although you can’t supplement in-person touch or feel, for now, interactive visualization comes close.

Convenient Checkout

Your customers prioritize convenience over cost, and many of your consumers will pay extra for that privilege. Simple conveniences like 2-day or free shipping, checkout options, and mobile functionality offer your customers the freedom of choice. Make it easy for your customers to purchase from you by emphasizing the checkout button and limiting the amount of form fields.

Email Marketing

For every 1 dollar spent, the average email marketing campaign earns $44 in return, making it the most effective way of finding and nurturing leads. Email marketing service providers, like Constant Contact, allow you to take advantage of email automation, surveys and polls, drip campaigns, A/B testing, coupons, and donations. When done right, email marking can:

  • Upsell your products

  • Reduce abandon cart rates

  • Capture more subscribers

  • Send exclusive deals

  • Share relevant content

  • Thank your subscribers

  • Ask for reviews and feedback

Automating your emails can also increase the chances of a sale because it shows the customer you are fully engaged and interested in building a relationship with them.

Artificial Intelligence

Most eCommerce software uses some form of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tedious parts of the selling process. For example, email marketing services will send a message to your subscribers when they abandon their cart. In that same email, a sophisticated AI bot will look at the items in their cart and offer similar products or discounts based on total cost or amount.

Customer relationship management software, like HubSpot, can answer customer questions, offer 24-hour service and an on-demand experience. All of these options keep the customer engaged with your brand while also helping them make more informed purchasing decisions.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing systems analyze data from every customer interaction and help evaluate purchasing patterns that will lead to a more personalized experience. The cognitive computing model ensures that the customer receives satisfactory services that meet their expectations immediately, while the website owner can offer new purchasing opportunities daily. Although this technology sounds complicated, there are already user-friendly options, like AlphaGo, available.