Actionable Link Building Tips For Startups
Evelina Brown

Is it possible to independently bring the site to the top? This question is asked by many business owners, especially if the project is at the initial stage of development.

The answer depends on a number of factors: the competitiveness of the niche, the demand for a product or service, etc. But the most important thing is desire and perseverance.

Today, many startups are moving on their own, at least until the project grows and takes more time.

With a thoughtful and consistent approach, quality link building for startups is commonplace. How to independently ensure the promotion of a young site using actionable link building tips, we will tell in this article.

When it comes to self-promotion and link building strategy in 2022, you need to remember 3 rules:

  1. Do not post links to not reliable resources. Verify each donor with Ahrefs or Checktrust. If it turns out that the directory or site is under the filter, such a link will harm your site.
  2. Gradually increase the reference mass. For example, the first month - 20 links, the second – 25, the third – 30 ... A sharp increase in links is a sign of "black" promotion methods.
  3. The 80/20 principle. There should be more non-anchor links than links with anchors in the link profile. Google is suspicious of the same type of commercial links of the format "order ...", "buy ...".
These simple principles are safety precautions for the self-promotion of the site.

Top link building tips for startups in 2022

Every self-respecting owner of a young company should know SEO for startups. We have collected the most effective link building tips for startups:

Competitor analysis

Competitors' link profile audit is an effective way to avoid other people's mistakes and spy on effective solutions.

How to analyze competitor links?

  1. Enter the address of your site in the Ahrefs search bar, click "Search."
  2. In the left menu, select "Organic issuance," then - "Competitor domains."
  3. On the right side of the menu are competitors that we will analyze. Copy the list of sites to a spreadsheet.
  4. Now we enter a competitor's address in the "Search" and look at the "Backlinks" tab in the left menu. Most likely, we will see a large list of sites, but we are only interested in rating resources with a DR of at least 10. There will not be so many such sites. We export donors, and then we select the most promising ones.
  5. We analyze 10-20 competitors and make a list of donors with whom we will negotiate placement.

Content marketing

Content is an asset of the company, which should be helpful and may be sold along with advertising. Guest posting is one of the most efficient methods of promoting your brand. An article on your own or a donor blog solves several problems:
  • provides the reader with useful information;
  • creates a high-quality target link;
  • enhances brand reputation.

The result is popularity, growth in search results, and the acquisition of a loyal audience. Links in articles are one of the most effective ways to host guest posts. So you need to write content with relevant niche backlinks and post through blog posting services, as with their help, this process becomes faster and more efficient.

Crowd marketing

Crowd marketing is the placement of laudatory reviews about the company on forums, review sites, q&a sites and under feature articles with the ability to comment.

Tasks that this method solves:

  • increase in brand awareness;
  • attracting targeted traffic;distribution of "hot" content among the target audience;
  • improvement of the behavioral factor;
  • overall growth in search results due to links.

To move on to practice, select suitable sites for posting reviews, register and carefully study the topics.

Set aside 20-30 minutes a day to write reviews and recommendations. This is enough to get started.

Study forum topics, create your own topics, give advice, prompt and help people. In between times, you can write: "This site has what you need." and add a link to your website.


Video hosting is a way to get additional links and drive traffic to your landing pages. Use as many channels as possible for effective promotion and you will be able to increase website traffic.

Everyone loves watching videos. Starting a company channel and making interesting videos is an effective way to promote. With their help, you can tell and show the benefits of goods and services.

It is one thing to write to the user that you have sober and tidy specialists. Another is to show how they work. It is even better when customers already know by sight those who will come to them in two hours. This applies to almost all areas of business. People are much more willing to contact familiar sellers, managers, and workers.

The opportunity to watch a video and study the product in detail before buying is another incentive to buy. Reviews and unpackings are popular, especially since you can shoot them even on a regular smartphone.


Startup link building is not that hard if you work consistently. Post a little more links every month, monitor their quality, shoot videos, write articles and achieve good results.

Difficulties can arise when it takes too long. This means it's time to assign tasks to professional marketers or hire a specialist. But usually, by this time, startups can already afford it.