5 Things to Research Before Starting a Business
Rob Turner

Starting a business is exciting, and it’s tempting to launch right into the process if you have a great idea and are chomping at the bit to start raking in cash. But before you start any kind of business, it’s important to do a lot of research.

Let’s break down the five top things you should research before beginning any business to maximize your success.

Find a Good Niche for Your Business

For starters, you should identify a fantastic niche for your business. Your “niche” can best be thought of as the piece of your industry you want to dominate without having to endure too much competition from similar businesses.

No business is totally unique, but you can circumvent this limitation by finding a niche that isn’t inundated with other, similar businesses. For instance, if you want to sell online classes, make sure that you find a niche where you sell online classes that aren’t offered as commonly (such as classes for a really rare skill).

According to StartFromZero, it’s a good idea to pick up to four niches to start. Then you can do further research on each individual niche and pick the one that seems like it’ll lead to the most success.

Market/Industry State

Next, do a lot of market research on the market or industry you want to do business and overall. For example, if you want to open a restaurant, you’ll need to do a lot of market research to figure out:

  • Whether there are enough hungry customers to make your restaurant possible

  • Whether the operating expenses for the restaurant are too high to justify opening the business

  • What your competition looks like

  • And so on

In other words, if the industry doesn’t have a lot of paying customers, it may not be a good idea to open a business in that industry or niche.

Potential Target Audience

Don’t forget to do some research on your potential target audience. No business can get money from everyone in the world (except, maybe, Amazon!). Instead, it’s more cost-effective and strategic to try to get a core target audience to patronize your business regularly.

Think of your “ideal consumer”, or the ideal person who you think your business would serve best and who would be most likely to help your business grow in the future. If you can’t think of a potential target audience for your business, maybe you need to adjust your idea.

Startup Costs and Ongoing Costs

It’s also smart to research the initial startup costs and the ongoing costs for your business when deciding whether to go ahead with your idea. Initial startup costs can often be offset by an investment if you can find an investor (there are tons of startup investors online). In case you are thinking about launching a technology company, it’s necessary to find out the cost of app development too.

But ongoing costs can often be much higher than you anticipate. Again, make sure that your business idea is economically viable before launching.


Lastly, do some research and take a look at your competition (you’ll have some no matter the niche you pick). This can help you to copy some of their best practices, such as where they get materials or how they market to their customers.

You might also find that there’s too much competition in your niche, in which case you can choose a different niche with a greater chance of success.

Overall, doing quality research before starting your business is the best way to make sure your venture starts off on the right foot.