4 Advantages Of Hiring A Product Owner For Your Start-Up Business
Tony Ademi

Many startups will consider hiring a software development agency to deliver their product, but not every agency will do the same and doesn’t offer a professional Product Owner service.

The real question is whether you are ready to hire a product owner. Product owners are expected to grant your business a 10% growth if they have enough experience to grow your business. Therefore, always consider hiring one.

However, there are a few tips and tricks to follow before you do hire a product owner. Let’s talk more about the pros first.

3 Tips to follow when hiring a product owner

1. Check their cover letter

For some recruiters, cover letters might not be all important, but they matter a lot in the hiring process. Cover letters show the amount of interest someone has in a business and this way, you will distinguish if the product owner applying to your position is motivated to apply to your position.

Each position has its own cover letter, so examples of cover letters include:

  • Banking cover letter
  • Finance cover letter
  • Accountant cover letter
  • Public accountant cover letter and more
  • 2. Ask the right interview questions

    Interview questions are important when you are hiring a product owner. However, are you asking the right questions? Here are some product owner interview questions you should ask during the hiring stage:

  • Define the Scrum Framework
  • What does a product owner do?
  • What type of soft skills do you need as a product owner?
  • Which skills do you need to perform well?
  • Which skills do you have to develop as a product owner?
  • Define what the product roadmap is
  • What are the primary responsibilities of the Scrum team?
  • 3. Check if their culture blends well with your business

    Company culture is an important asset and differs amongst each organization. However, it’s so special that it makes each organization unique for this particular case. You can’t easily steal someone’s culture, so it’s important to hire a product owner who blends in with your culture.

    Hiring for cultural fit is not a modern day approach but has been around for quite some time. There’s a good reason behind it. You can teach skills, but you can’t easily change someone’s culture, so ensure you prioritize this when hiring a product owner. Therefore, hire for cultural fit to make the procedure much easier because if you don’t, you may encounter issues later on in the hiring process.

    4 Pros of hiring product owners for your startup

    1. Promotes communication

    As your product development progresses, the need for consistent communication between team members and invested parties becomes much larger. The product owner who will work alongside your team will continuously be in touch with the development team and address short- and long-term goals.

    This makes it possible to comply with new requirements from the executive's and dev's perspectives.

    2. Will accelerate the product development process

    Product owners can easily find the areas that need improvement in the product procedure. This is done by giving out new ideas and carefully examining the product. Product owners collaborate closely with you and are a great upper hand during product creation. They can make smart and quick judgments based on the improvements needed, especially if they are more experienced.

    The product owner employs numerous strategies that assist you in the following ways:

  • Finding new product functions & areas
  • Improves the user journey
  • Conducts data analysis
  • Conducts a competitor analysis and more
  • Above all, the product owner will ensure your team knows everything about the product. This will follow up with two suggestions:

  • First, assessing the business backdrop and needs of the team so the solutions presented fit the business criteria
  • Secondly, the product owner can assign the roles of each team member once they offer their solutions
  • Being aware of what needs to be done is crucial. The more you and your team understand your product, the better you’ll be able to present it to your audience. Nevertheless, product owners will assist you in organizing and gathering important existing data, but diversify it across each team member.

    3. They’ll reduce product complexity

    The experienced product owner who knows exactly what they are doing will always have numerous strategies they’ll recommend to you. To reduce product complexity, a product owner will give you a better product development scope that’ll aid you in multiple ways, including:

  • Sprint planning
  • Roadmap planning
  • Understanding what makes the product complex
  • Risk awareness and more
  • After all, you want to give a good first impression about your product because you can’t ever make a good first impression for a second time.

    4. Prioritizes both long and short term planning

    The product owner will monitor all the money spent and give helpful advice on the amendments that need to be made. To do this, they’ll recommend both long and short term planning.

  • Long term planning: Product owners will closely collaborate with the developer team and give estimations on what they think is best for the long term. For long term planning cases, they’ll usually use road mapping to illustrate a broader picture based on their estimations. These estimations seek to make better decisions and suggest where to invest.
  • Short term planning: During each sprint cycle, the product owner will conduct short-term plans. This will usually deal with user experience options and many more that’ll be passed on to the developer team and associates. Sprint planning is all about identifying objectives that follow the development cycle. In short, product owners will assist developers in prioritizing the most important work through the sprint cycle.
  • The final breakdown

    We realized that product owners are a huge asset to our business. Without them, it’ll be much more difficult to set up the right strategies and therefore, we should appreciate all the work they do for us.

    Product owners can give us some excellent suggestions for improving the way we approach our customers, so never disregard hiring one in your team.