Why You Should Still Consider Learning To Use Excel
Lucy Hudson

Excel is a common thread that connects almost all industries. Various types of companies, different job roles and most industries rely on the unique capabilities that Excel possesses to help their business grow. Having launched almost four decades ago, Excel has rapidly grown into one of the most used programs by businesses across the world. Today, it is a valuable asset to have.

However, not all of those working in a predominantly office-based role are proficient in using Excel. As such, they might be unaware of the potential investment in an Excel training course could be to them and their career.

Undergoing advanced Excel training, you will focus on a variety of critical skills that can be utilised in your role. All of these skills will be valuable in almost any position in a company, which will help to make you a valuable asset to the business. An asset that management will unlikely want to lose.

The benefits that come from learning advanced skills in Excel are endless. These are just a selection of the advantages that you could experience should you decide to invest in learning more about how to use Excel.

It Is An Industry Standard Software

When you look into the roles and tasks completed in various industries, a common program that is frequently used is Excel. Those working in finance use Excel to help them to formulate charts, reports and potential outcome analyses on data. Excel is the ideal tool for them to use to help them complete their job. There are also the extra finance specific functions that are built in to further assist them in their role.

Individuals that work in sales will use Excel to report their totals, averages, basic calculations, margins, a few charts, or even a Dashboard. A dashboard, an increasingly popular buzzword amongst businesses, is used to showcase the overviews of large data tracks. As more companies are looking to create these user-friendly, dashboard-style interfaces to their back-end datasheets, knowing how to produce one will be an attractive quality potential employers might be interested in.

Alongside salespeople and those in finance, engineers also rely on the assistance of Excel to complete their work. Often they will need to use calculations, projected figures, quantities and charts of varying types. They will also use some built-in functions specific to their area of expertise, to help them with completing their work.

Improve The Speed Of Completing Work

If you are needing to add up your monthly expense report, you can utilise the programs and functions available on Excel that can add it all up for you. It will reduce the time spent slowly, and meticulously, manually typing in calculations to figure out some numbers. Using Excel to complete your calculations will not only save you a considerable amount of time, but will also provide you with a more accurate answer compared to your manual findings.

For many, Excel is predominantly used to calculate and display findings of quantitative value. A beloved feature by those working in a financial role. However, it can also be a valuable tool for those working in human resources. With Excel, HR employees can store employee records within an Excel document. In addition to this, they can also store savings packages, salary packages and appointment information. When this information is needed, the conveniently stored files can easily be accessible quickly and efficiently, without any complications.

There are various ways in which Excel can help to improve the speed of completing work. More often than not with Excel, there is usually a formula or technique that can be used to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a task. A quick search online and you can find a guide or add-on that can be downloaded to help reduce time spent on a task, whilst also improving efficiency.

For instance, you might have a spreadsheet with a column featuring the first and last name of a person. However, you need to split the cells to have one column include the first names and another with all the second names. If you only had a handful of names, a task like this could be completed manually. On the other hand, if you had a long list of names to split, you may search how to split cells in Excel. Fortunately, there is information available such as this excel split cell tutorial from Excel Off The Grid. Following an Excel split cell guide, like the one from Excel Off The Grid, will help you to save a considerable amount of time as you work. It will also help you to reduce the chances of any errors in your work.

Quality Of Work Will Increase

It improves efficiency, accuracy and it can save time, Excel continues to highlight why it is a popular tool used by many businesses. In addition to this, Excel can also help in improving the overall quality of the work you produce. The program will allow you the chance to effortlessly create detailed reports, dashboards, charts and nicely formatted data. If these charts and reports need to be featured in a presentation, they can easily be pasted into both PowerPoint and Word. With these documents, you can then easily share them with the management team for them to follow.

Alongside this, if you are working to a standard template, it will mean that you will generate better quality data and formulas. The reason is that templates will have often been created and tested to ensure that the formulas are accurate. Also, it checks the standard formatting layout and positing, which means that you do not have to.

Allows You To Organise Data Better

If your role requires you to handle data, then you will be aware that it is a commonly used tool for collecting and organising data in spreadsheets. Excel, in a nutshell, is spreadsheet software. It has the capabilities to allow you to carefully organise all of your data. Simultaneously, it will provide you with the tools needed to organise the information in any way that you choose, which works best for what is needed.

Looking at data in its raw state can be overwhelming to see. Not only this, but it can also be difficult to try and analyse. Through using the capabilities that Excel possesses, you will have the ability to organise all of your information better, whilst making calculations when necessary. It will also allow you to sort through the information so that it can be appropriately analysed before it is transferred to either a chart or graph for better viewing by senior members of staff and management.

Make You A Valuable Asset

Being a valuable employee will have numerous benefits. Aside from providing you with better job security, it will also open up opportunities for you for advancement within the company. To help ensure that you are a vital part of the company is by ensuring that you are highly skilled, better educated and more efficient within your role. By undergoing training in advanced Excel, you will not only be more proficient with using the program, but you will also gain these qualities.

As an employee, you should always search for ways that could help you increase your value within the company. In doing so, you can reduce the risks of being easily replaced by a newer worker, who boasts a more advanced skill set compared to you.

Taking the time to learn and master a new skill, such as being proficient in Excel, is essential to being at the top of your game. It will also help set yourself up for obtaining greater security and advancement.

It Isn’t Going Anywhere

Ultimately, Excel is not going anywhere. At least, not anytime soon. Businesses will continue to use Excel as their primary tool for diverse functions and applications. Whether it is an IT project, a monthly financial report or even a company team outing, Excel has cemented itself in the daily processes of endless businesses, across all industries.

Having a working knowledge of Excel is a vital skill for most office-based professionals today. Those with more advanced, stronger Excel skills are more likely to open doors to promotions and leadership opportunities. Whilst Excel is a considerably powerful tool, it is unable to function alone. It needs a person who is not only a savvy computer user but who is also willing to learn and take advantage of everything that Excel has to offer. In doing so, it could enable them to help them to deliver the best, and most reliable results for the company they work for.

For those that work in an office or are looking for a job role that will have you based in an office, having advanced skills in Excel will be beneficial in helping you to grow and gain new opportunities in the company. In return, the company will be grateful for having a talented individual, like yourself, on the team helping them to grow.