Why TechDay Is Coming to London
Jasmine Hoffman and Elisabeth Brier

From New York City to Los Angeles, TechDay has made a point of traversing the nation to bring our resources and massive community to the world’s most innovative and dynamic cities.The chosen locations are deliberate and must reflect a vibrancy and dynamism that is palpable when measured against others. When we first decided to expand internationally, it was essential this new global destination must mirror the charisma of those cities that preceded it. However upon committing to a European TechDay, there was absolutely no contention in determining which specific city we should bring our illustrious one day event to.

London was the obvious choice. London’s tech scene has continued to thrive despite forces actively fighting against it, bringing in remarkable innovation rivaling even that of Silicon Valley. In London, the tech scene is proliferating 32% faster than every other industry in the economy and is showing no signs of slowing down. The city currently boasts over 35 accelerator programs from Techstars, MassChallenge UK and HighWay1 etc and 70 co-working spaces, reflecting the value London places on its burgeoning startup community. Also, more than ever before, London is home to some of the most innovative companies in Europe, with more unicorns than any other European city.

Because of all this, London has grown to be considered Europe’s tech capital, and since 2010 has seen its resources increase three fold. The London Stock Exchange’s ELITE, the Mayor’s International Business Programme, and TechCityUK’s multiple startup programmes amongst other major community players like Tech.London, TechUK, Tech London Advocates, and Incisive Edge have successfully bolstered the city’s tech scene. Particularly post-Brexit, these groups have assisted in reverberating the sentiment that #LondonIsOpen and have thus garnered favorable and significant support from global startups and investors.

With this driving narrative of innovation and commanding stride of modern tech, TechDay is proud to officially be bringing our prodigious network of press, investors, users and, of course, startups to London on October 27th. We’ve proven our ability to unite everyone by a single common interest and provide young or even more established ventures, the connections they need to distinguish themselves as fixtures within our tech future. Our event’s partners including Nasdaq, MasterCard, GoDaddy, and Barclays (amongst an inordinate amount of others) recognize our ability to pave the course of startup success and for that, have demonstrated abiding loyalty since TechDay’s inception five years ago. We’re eager to bring this wide range of substantial support to London and accomplish what we’ve done in the States in this thriving tech hub.

TechDay, which has been repeatedly deemed a “Tech Extravaganza” in the United States is already set to be London’s largest event for startups. However, the hype exists as more than a narrative of vanity. It’s galvanized by years of fostering now lucrative and widely recognized companies including ones such as Uber and General Assembly. We hope by combining London’s hunger and drive for innovation with our immense, influential community of tech influencers, that together, we’ll re emphasize London’s rightful appellation of Europe’s tech capital.

TechDay will be held at Old Billingsgate, Thursday, 27 of October, from 10am to 5pm. Come meet us and sign up here!