What are the Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing an AWS Monitoring Solution?
Rob Turner

As cloud technology matures, enterprises are becoming more dependent on cloud services to manage their data, workloads, and applications. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most dominant of these services, representing 30% of the industry's total market share.

Now that you’ve decided to add an AWS monitoring solution to your business, you should keep these 5 key considerations in mind as you start to test this software and its components.

5 Important Considerations

To take advantage of this comprehensive, evolving platform, we recommend that you set up your business's infrastructure appropriately. Otherwise, the AWS’s components will fall short.

  1. AWS Works Best Using a Hybrid Cloud Solution
  2. Platforms, cloud infrastructure, and functions created as a service are being implemented by businesses rapidly to accelerate innovation. This widespread cloud adoption established hybrid cloud solutions as the norm, but you may not have the infrastructure to support this.

    Since using a hybrid cloud requires in-house servers as well as the cloud, you’ll need to have one static environment, and IT staff and a maintenance team to fully use AWS. With the hybrid cloud, you’ll be able to seamlessly monitor the entire technology stack across the company.

  3. An Automated Microservice is Needed for Agility
  4. All AWS's will use an automatic approach to check metrics, but your team will be responsible for discovering, monitoring, and approaching it with a manual, fine-toothed comb. That means you’ll need something called a microservice with multiple containers to separate your servers.

    A microservice architecture makes AWS maintainable, testable, and independently deployable, but it can also make your system chaotic as you scale. It’s essential to find an AWS that automates your microservices so they become approachable and less intimidating to service.

  5. DevOps Should be the Innovation Standard
  6. The DevOps model is a combination of cultural practices, philosophies, and tools that increase the organization’s ability to deliver services and applications as quickly as possible. This approach breaks up development silos and increases a team's speed, scale, and reliability.

    Enabling faster feedback loops is very important for businesses who want to add an AWS to their process, as everyone will be on the same page. An AWS needs to automate its performance checks earlier in the pipeline with the help of AI to limit the impact of bad releases.

  7. Don’t Settle for Subpar Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  8. In the near future, humans won’t be monitoring metrics or data any longer. With the sheer amount of complexity found in data currently, a business needs to adopt AI, solve speed challenges and data volume. This can be accomplished with AIOps (AI for IT computing).

    Since not all AI is created equal, you can’t just settle for anything subpar. Deterministic AI is likely the best solution to your problems because it can adapt to changes, reduce event noise, and perform a root cause analysis. All of these processes are necessary to use an AWS fully.

  9. Businesses Who Use AWS Must Focus on Digital Experience
  10. Companies need confidence that they’re delivering the best digital experience in an increasingly complex environment. User experience, which is the norm in technology, has shifted over to digital experience so that it encapsulates employees, end-users, and the Internet of Things.
An AWS needs its users to understand how specific issues impact performance, so the visibility they gain across all types of experiences isn’t wasted. When you establish a single source of truth for everyone, it avoids finger-pointing from teams who wish to place blame elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

While comparing the costs, security tools, and product offerings is important, it’s essential that you have the proper infrastructure in place before you start taking out the credit card. When you have the optimal setup, you gain the full benefits of AWS monitoring and its systems.