What are the Latest Technology Trends in CNC Services?
Rob Turner

CNC manufacturing is an advanced and intriguing ecosystem that is frequently fuelled by technological breakthroughs.

It is also a market that is subject to trends and fashions, just like any other, so here is a look at the driving forces behind the CNC services that are operating at the moment.

EDM is on the rise

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is emerging as a viable alternative to the use of traditional CNC equipment.

The main advantage it offers is that the material being worked on does not need to come in direct contact with the tool, which allows for more fragile workpieces to be processed without putting them at risk of being distorted during manufacturing.

The good news for organizations that are interested in exploring the benefits of EDM is that you can find good deals on second-hand equipment of this kind at Revelation Machinery, with the used market lowering procurement costs across the board.

Outsourcing is on the rise

The digital era has brought about the possibility for the outsourcing of manufacturing services on a major scale, meaning that it is much easier for organizations of all sizes to get work done on small and large projects alike without needing to invest in the machinery and skilled staff required themselves.

Being able to share designs with product providers on the other side of the planet, collaborate on changes and move forwards in a shared, cloud-powered environment is helping to break down borders and boundaries while allowing businesses to become more agile and avoid significant upfront costs.

Increased axes of operation allow for greater output complexity

In the past, CNC machining has been somewhat limited in terms of the complexity of the shapes that it can be used to create. This has made other types of manufacturing more suitable for certain production processes.

However, thanks to a growing number of multi-axis equipment, the range of movements that the tooling can make, and thus the complexity of the designs that can be worked on, have increased dramatically.

At a time when additive manufacturing is expanding its influence and potentially stealing market share from CNC services, this development is definitely a positive one.

Automation is improving productivity & safety

The main selling point of CNC machining is that it adds a level of automation to manufacturing that was unavailable in the past, and this is only becoming more prevalent and potent with time.

From a productivity perspective, automation of manufacturing processes is obviously beneficial, letting businesses make more products in less time for lower levels of expenditure and with minimal wastage. As such the latest CNC tech can be seen as a cost-cutting opportunity.

Likewise, there are significant safety benefits to switching to a more automated approach since it takes human workers out of harm’s way and means that manufacturing sites can reduce accident levels.

These trends and others are helping to ensure that CNC services remain relevant, dynamic, and desirable irrespective of outside market pressures.