Looking to Grow Organically? The Founder of Click to Tweet Breaks Down How it's Done
Elisabeth Brier and Jason Hendricks

As an enigma to many, more and more companies are aiming to demystify the world of social media.

Countless startups have created services to help users navigate this confounding space, yet almost none have successfully done so as well as Click To Tweet.

A company that grew to extraordinary heights organically, Click To Tweet allows users to promote, share & track content on Twitter.

Plus, it’s free.

Beginning as a one-page site, Click To Tweet is now far-reaching and thriving. Achieving this level of success without tactful marketing efforts or major campaigns, Jason Hendricks, founder of Click To Tweet chatted with TechDay to break down how it's done.

As a strong social media presence can now function to legitimize a budding startup, how does Click to Tweet aid this endeavor and foster growth?

Click to Tweet encourages your audience to share your content on Twitter through active prompts and optimal usability. Because the website application and WordPress plugin accommodate a myriad of styles, if there’s new or revised content to disperse, Click to Tweet can facilitate it via highly customizable displays and themed templates.

Click to Tweet is the professional, noninvasive way to ask subscribers and visitors to share content while giving them a single-click pathway to completion. If you want your content to be shared, you absolutely must make it easy.

Because Click to Tweet is not an official partner of Twitter, how does the company so successfully and seamlessly engage with and utilize the Twitter platform?

We directly integrated our website and plugin with Twitter using OAuth, which allows us to take advantage of Twitter's robust API to make it as easy as possible to use our service with your existing Twitter login credentials.

As no major marketing pushes can be attributed to Click to Tweet's user base, how has the company become so popular and widely used?

We started as a very simple one-page site that quickly spread through website referrals and word of mouth, with users constantly requesting additional features. This allowed us to expand the site's functionality and really listen to what users needed the site to do for them in order to aid in their marketing efforts. Once we had enough users that were willing to subscribe to a Pro version, we switched to a freemium model in 2014 and included the most widely requested features.

How does Click To Tweet's own Twitter presence function to build the platform's user base and encourage growth?

Since we have acquired over 300,000 followers over the years, we promote our own blog content as well as the many mentions we receive using our Twitter account. We also promote our most successful users everyday by tweeting out the most popular links displayed on our "Hot List."

What advice would you offer startup founders looking to spur organic growth for their companies?

The number one most important thing we have learned, and realize it may sound obvious, but you simply MUST listen to your users. This isn't to say that every feature request received needs to be explored, but we have found that without the extremely valuable feedback of our users we would never be where we're at today.

Is there anything new we can expect to see from Click to Tweet in the near future?

We're working on several new features that are being rolled out this month, such as Twitter card support and expanded analytics for both the website application and WordPress plugin. We're also putting more of a focus on our existing affiliate program, which allows users to generate revenue by recommending our service to others.