Using Content Upgrades on Your Website to Grow Your Email List
Rob Turner

Building a website for your business is very important today because it gives you an online presence that people can use to learn more about what you do. After creating the website, you might get considerable traffic, which might not be enough to generate any income.

This might prompt you to add a blog section where you can share content and engage your website visitors. This might increase the number of visitors you are getting, but still, leave your mailing list empty.

To grow your mailing list, you might think of doing something else. A rich mailing list means that you can use content to generate leads and reach a large number of potential customers on things your business is doing as well as any new services you are introducing. One of the most popular ways of growing your email list is through content upgrades on your website.

What Are Content Upgrades?

Content upgrades can be referred to as extra pieces of information created to complement or elaborate on already existing content that a website visitor is interested in. The extra piece of information is usually in context with the original content, more detailed, and easy to understand. This makes it easy for website owners to ask for email addresses and subscriptions from their visitors.

To simplify this, a content upgrade is basically an offer created to convince website visitors to give the website owner their email address. For instance, if you are reading about how to create a PDF for your content upgrade, you might need more information to be able to do it on your own. This might lead you to watch a video that guides you through the entire process. However, you might need to send your email address before you watch the video. This is a perfect example of what a content upgrade is.

Common Types of Content Upgrades

Creating PDF Files

Sometimes, you might have a lot of content on your website that might not be converting. To make sure that this content converts, you can simplify it and create PDF files using tools such as the PDF Simpli that allows you to create, edit, and share PDF files to word and other formats. Make sure that your website visitors provide you with their email addresses before downloading the files.


Imagine a situation where you have written a long blog post, maybe more than five thousand words. You are finding it difficult getting people to read the entire blog and convert, and are now looking for a way to create a content upgrade using the blog post.

One way you can do that is by converting the blog post into an easy-to-read checklist. You can itemize it, depending on what it is about, or make it shorter as a how-to post. You can then ask your readers for their email address to access the content upgrade.

Cheat Sheets

Creating a cheat sheet depends on what you want your web page or blog post to be talking about. For instance, if I have a web page talking about the 2020 Olympic medal winners, I can write another page about all the countries that have ever won an Olympic medal since its inception.

Video Show and Podcasts Transcripts

There are companies that hold video shows talking about the different services that they offer. Others create podcasts that are easily accessible through their websites. You can create content upgrades by having downloadable transcripts of your video shows and podcasts. However, make sure that your website visitors provide their email addresses before downloading the transcripts.

Quick Start Guides

You might have a website that is talking about complicated things. For example, you might have an online learning website teaching people how to code in Python. This is complicated and any beginner would find it difficult. To make things easy for your audience, you can create quick start guides that can be accessed and downloaded as long as the website visitors provide you with the email addresses. This would make the entire course easier for them.

Digital transformation has changed businesses and made email accounts the core of communication in most of them. It is therefore important for them to make sure that they collect as much information as they can if they want to survive. One of the most popular ways of growing your email list is through content upgrades.