Top 10 Best Jobs In the Technology Industry
George Langham

It seems pretty impossible for anything to go wrong if you have a technology degree in today's world. Computer science is already a STEM-designated major with the highest job offers and job acceptance rates. We have so many people opting for courses in science and technology.

Key takeaways

Here are some key takeaways to make a note of:

  1. The tech sector is still hot for the job market.
  2. STEM-designated majors proved to be an advantage when applying for a tech job.
  3. Some of the best jobs in the market are from the tech industry.

The ten best jobs in the tech industry

    So now, let's look at the top 10 best jobs in the technology industry:

  • Computer support specialists
  • Although this is the lowest paying job on this list, it also requires the least amount of education. A candidate with a postsecondary certificate is eligible to apply for these jobs.

  • Systems and network administrators
  • This one has the lowest growth rate on this list practically. However, network and computer systems administrators are compulsorily required by companies to handle their daily technological operations.

  • Computer research scientists
  • This position has the least number of new jobs at any given time. However, this is because it is a complicated field to join. In most cases, research scientists in computer and information technology require a former Ph.D. from a recognized institute or university.

  • Information technology managers
  • IT managers are known by various other names such as computer and information systems managers, IT security managers, IT directors, etc. This job primarily requires overseeing an entire team and handling the company's tech and IT needs.

  • Sales engineers
  • Studies and services have shown that there will be a rise in growth for sales engineers. In most cases, sales engineers possess a degree in technology, science, or business, sometimes any two of these. They are usually quite well-versed in their field.

  • Web developers
  • You don't even need to be a baccalaureate to become a web developer. There are three types of web developers:

    • Web architects handle the technical construction of a website.
    • Web admins maintain a complete website.
    • Web designers create the layout and the entire field of a website.

  • Computer systems analysts
  • This position is required for installing new computer systems. They have grown because of mobile technology, health care records, cloud computing, etc.

  • Information security analysts
  • There has been an ever-increasing demand for information security analysts. Having an MBA in information systems or a bachelor's degree in computer science and programming can be enough to get you a job in this position.

  • Software developers
  • The most significant number of job openings is for software developers. Demand for mobile apps and other technological advancements has significantly increased the demand for software developers.

  • Data scientists
  • Data scientists are primarily required to evaluate data and help companies make their business decisions. There is a relatively lower number of qualified candidates for this position.


From the above discussion, it is apparent that technology is one of the fastest-growing industries and practically the most demanded. This list will guide you in evaluating the education requirements, the salary, and the job outlook to help you search for your dream job.