Tips for Choosing the Right Business Phone System
Allen Brown

A business telephone system, or PBX (private branch exchange), is a private telephone network typically used in business settings. They provide more efficient call forwarding and conferencing services for your employees. There are different types of PBX, and depending on your business needs, you might be better suited to a traditional PBX system, or a modern cloud-hosted system.

There are various PBX systems that offer a range of functions of varied complexity and costs, such as VoIP (the ability to make calls over the internet), and an auto-attendant service to answer calls for you. You will need to assess your business needs and budget to decide on the best PBX for you. Here is a simple guide for choosing the right PBX for your business.

Traditional PBX

The old, or traditional, PBX is the most widely-known and popular form of the business phone system in use today. This classic multi-line system works well for small businesses, as it allows users to route calls to multiple numbers and has multiple extensions, which is more manageable than routing calls to a single extension. This type of PBX is a literal box that all your phones plug into, whereas more modern PBX systems function via the internet.

Cloud-Hosted Systems

This is the newest way to set up a business phone system, and functions very similarly to the traditional on-premises PBX, except no hardware needs to be installed. Instead, a web server contains all the communication software. Cloud-hosted systems connect via the internet and are a more efficient and effective way of managing a business phone system.

Because everything is stored on the cloud, rather than in physical hardware, businesses that choose the cloud-hosted system save money and hassle on the installation of routers, wiring, and circuits.

A cloud-hosted system is also very straightforward to use, meaning they require little or no training to manage, making them a popular choice for employers. Business owners can also easily add caller ID, call waiting times, and voicemail features to their cloud-hosted PBX systems.

Small to large businesses can benefit from cloud-hosted PBX systems, and they can be installed in a matter of hours, without the need to purchase and maintain a phone line.

Choosing The Best PBX System

To choose the best business phone system for your company, you need to consider the company’s needs and how much you are willing to spend. While a large, well-established company might need a more expensive, complex business telephone system, the best PBX for a smaller business with fewer phones can be much simpler and more economical. There are several factors to consider when choosing your PBX system and cost-cutting features, including whether or not the PBX uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology or an auto-attendant.


Voice over IP technology is essentially the ability to place a call over the internet. This is a major cost-cutting technology. A VoIP system shares a phone number over several devices, meaning any free employee can answer the call, significantly reducing the chances of missed calls from customers or the need for call transfers. Moreover, there are no long-distance call charges or extra costs for agent queues or call parking, which are features businesses that rely on high volumes of calls will need.

This has been a basic summary of the functions of the VoIP feature, but there are various additional benefits of this technology for your business.


An auto-attendant could be a great addition to the smooth running of your business, as your customers will never miss a call. This feature is essentially a virtual receptionist or switchboard operator. The auto-attendant can take calls and forward them to the correct internal extension, and take voicemails and messages. This gives your company a professional business image, increases efficiency, and eliminates the need to pay a member of staff for this role.

There are many more advantages of having the virtual receptionist auto-attendant feature, such as “improving customer satisfaction by helping them resolve their inquiries quickly and easily.”

Never Miss A Call Again

Now you are ready to choose the PBX system that best suits the needs of your business. Whether you prefer traditional methods or love the idea of cost-cutting and effective modern technology, there is a business phone system just for you.

If your company could benefit from VoIP and an auto-attendant, a cloud-hosted internet system will change your business experience, by eliminating missed calls, increasing efficiency, and cutting costs. Invest in a cloud-hosted PBX system today and never miss a call again!