The Way of Instagram Marketing and Why it Works So Well
Theo J. Bressett

Since 2010, Instagram has been a popular app with no signs of slowing down. Initially an app to post photos with unique filters, it's since become an app for video, live streaming, and marketing. While some still see Instagram as a place to share your food, it has much more potential.

With over 2 billion active monthly users, it's become a popular app for marketing. So, why should you consider Instagram marketing? First, let's look at the facts.

It’s an Excellent Visual Platform

The first reason why Instagram marketing is so popular is that it's more of a visual app than others. This is not to say that other social media platforms don't use visuals, but for Instagram, you must have a photo or video to create content. If you're artistic, you may have an advantage as you create art that sticks out to viewers. Of course, when people see your content and interact with it, it will lead to great rate results. But you can give your video content a boost to higher rankings and drive IG views in another way, with some kinds of paid marketing solutions, presented on the market.

It Attracts the Youth

Over half of Instagram's user base is under the age of 35. Being a little more than a decade old, Instagram initially attracted teenagers and young adults, many of whom are still relatively young. In addition, it brings in younger audiences as well.

Because of this, this app is great if your product appeals to teens, young adults, or the young at heart. Of course, if your product is meant for an older audience, they make a chunk of Instagram's audience, but you may want to turn to Facebook or similar apps for them.

It Humanizes Your Business

Many customers are looking for a company that feels relatable. In many ways, you can market to a customer without making them feel like they're being advertised to. For example, you can live stream and respond to live comments. You can post pictures that depict behind-the-scenes actions. You can set up contests and get your audience to participate.

If you want to advertise the old-fashioned way, you may not get much out of Instagram. However, if you want a business that interacts with its customers, use Instagram.

Customer Service is Easier Than Ever

With any business, you must have a reputation for fantastic customer service. Not having that ideal customer service can make your business's reputation look bad. Instagram makes for an excellent tool for customer service.

For one thing, you can use the comments section to respond to any question or concern. You will show your audience that you care when you reply, or at least like a post.

Your DMs can double as a customer service hub as well. Users can message you, and you can get back to them ASAP to help them with their issues.

Buying Ads is Simple

Instagram has a robust ad program. You can purchase ads according to your budget, target audience, and other needs. You can even choose from different formats. Social media ad campaigns are unique because you can cancel anytime and still attract a broad audience.

Another reason why ads on Instagram are good for you is that they are less likely to be blocked. To do anything on Instagram, you must use the app, meaning people won't use ad blockers. This means you don't need to worry about wasting your money.

Any Business Can Grow

What makes Instagram appealing to many businesses is that it allows smaller and larger businesses to thrive. You can use the appropriate hashtags to attract more eyes if you're a local business. Even if your business has a worldwide audience, by posting content your audience will love, your business can still thrive.

It is Possible to Make Money on Instagram

When you think of social media marketing, you may think of having to spend money to get anywhere with it. However, you can make money on Instagram through advertising. That's right.

One way you can do this is through the Shop tab. This allows users to purchase from your business. Your posts can also have a "shop now" option. For example, if you post a picture of a shirt your business sells, your customers can buy it immediately without jumping through hoops.

In addition, you can partner with brand ambassadors, use affiliate marketing, or do other partnerships to make money and increase sales.

It’s an Excellent Tool to See the Competition

Finally, one reason why Instagram is so appealing is that you can easily see the competition. You can find businesses similar to yours and see what they post, how they market themselves, and how they respond to their target audience.

The goal in looking at the competition is not to copy them but to see if you can take what they're doing and make it better, according to the terms of your business. All you need to do is careful research; soon, you can get a leg up in the competition.

Of course, with any website, you do need a marketing strategy if you want to succeed. While your marketing strategy can differ depending on your business, you generally need to follow these steps. So now, let's show you what you can do to follow the way of Instagram marketing.

Determine What Your Goals Are

The first step you need to do during your Instagram marketing is to think about your goals. The biggest mistake is getting an account and posting on it without a plan.

With any plan, it does not have to be set in stone but a blueprint for how your account will initially go. Ask yourself, "What do I want to show my audience?" Have an idea of the content you will post, how it can set itself apart from others, and have an ideal audience in mind.

Know Your Target Audience

On Instagram, a combination of statistical research and your research is ideal. What do we mean by this? If you have an idea of how old your audience is on average, what their interests are, and where their location is, this is broad, statistical research.

However, Instagram rewards people who dig a little deeper. You can venture into hashtags your audience uses, then look at what they post. Who do they follow? Where are they on a Saturday night? By creating a picture-perfect drawing of your audience, you can market to them much smarter.

Listen and Speak to Your Audience

Instagram is all about audience interaction. Liking people's comments, responding to them, and trying to make it right if a customer has an issue will improve your brand reputation on Instagram. On the other hand, if you try to ignore your comments, it can frustrate your audience.

We understand that sometimes, customers can be challenging to speak to. However, it’s vital that you sit down, talk to the customer, understand what they need, and try to make it happen.

Use the Proper Hashtags

Hashtags get your posts out worldwide, so using the right hashtags is ideal. However, one mistake people use when marketing is to use the most generic hashtags possible. Hashtags that millions, if not billions, of posts, use. You'll get lost in the ocean if you try using those.

Try looking for hashtags according to your niche, and make sure they have fewer than 100,000 posts. In some cases, you may want to go even more niche. This makes it likelier that your target audience will find your posts.

Also, do not use too many hashtags. While Instagram allows up to 30, many people find that having five quality hashtags pushes the posts further in the algorithm.

Take Advantage of Reels

Another Instagram feature you do not want to miss is Reels. Reels are Instagram's answer to TikTok videos, which are short, addictive, and snappy. In addition, reels are favored in the algorithm, meaning that if you want to drive IG views, then Reels are your number-one solution.

Only posting images may not put your account in the algorithm. However, Reels push your content to more viewers. When more people see your content, they will check out your profile. So give them a reason to click the follow button.

Have a Compelling Profile

Your profile should encapsulate your brand perfectly. Have a compelling profile picture that shows what your brand is about while enticing your viewers to learn more. Have a bio that explains your business and gives the essential links without being too wordy. Invite your users to scroll and check out your content.

Post Regularly

Instagram rewards people who post regularly. With your business, you do not want to spam your followers' notifications, but you do want to post around 1-3 times a week. When you post, be sure to post at a consistent time, which you can do by scheduling your posts. While the algorithm recommends posts, doing it when your followers are active will not hurt.

One way for you to post consistently is to have an editorial calendar. Knowing what you will post and when can keep you on track.

Don’t Neglect Captions

Have a caption for your photo beyond hashtags. Do not be too wordy, but give users a call to action or explain more about the content you're presenting. See your competition for ideas on how to create the perfect captions.

Always Fine-Tune Your Approach

Instagram is a website that is constantly evolving. If you find an approach that brings in followers initially, one mistake is never to change your approach. Your audience may change, or their needs can start to evolve.

Not only that, but Instagram itself constantly changes and rewards people who adapt. For example, when they introduced Reels, some thought this was a gimmick and did not use them. However, those who did were rewarded immediately.

We suggest giving your Instagram marketing plan a new look over every year.

Don’t Forget Advertising

While you can grow your account without spending a penny, you are still rewarded if you pay for Instagram ads. Advertising does not need to be a constant investment, but running an advertising campaign on occasion can help you.

When making an ad, determine which content would be best for an ad. Preferably a post that gives new people an idea of your business and gives them a call to action to follow. In addition, you should make your ad target its audience as much as possible. Through Instagram’s ad system, this is entirely possible.

Keep at It

Instagram is a platform where you might not get much growth initially, which can frustrate you. However, if you follow this advice, your audience will come eventually. If not, you may need to evaluate if Instagram is the proper avenue for your content. There may be other sites that are a better fit.

Remember, many businesses need to be on all social media platforms, so if you're feeling this way, look at your business critically and decide if you need to be on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is one of the best apps to market your business. With its variety of ways to present yourself, you can act as a brand there, and as someone your audience relates to. By taking advantage of this power, it is possible for your business to thrive like never before.

Remember, the best way to think of Instagram is a mixture of professionalism and fun. It's an app where branding and a content calendar are crucial, yet you can create fun content and interact with your audience not with a brand but as someone they would love to speak to. We hope this article was helpful to you. Now that you've read it, start planning to be the next big Instagram account.