The Adjustment To Business in The Digital World
Howie Bick

Many businesses and companies have found a digital presence or an online platform to be essential during these tough times. As business and transactions have shifted to digital mediums and exchanges, it’s become more and more important to have an online presence or a digital medium where you can interact and transact with your customers. In almost every field, the times we’re in today show the importance of having an online or digital presence, in order to keep your business running, and the income coming in.

It’s become incredibly important to every business, as daily interaction and business transactions in person have been hit hard. The companies who have fared the best during these tough times have mostly been companies who have digital platforms or strong online presence. These digital mediums have allowed consumers and customers to continue to consume content, interact with businesses, or place orders as well. Whether it’s through delivery services, streaming content, or the gathering of people in the virtual world, having an online presence, especially in the times we find ourselves in today, has become almost as near as essential as there can be.

The Importance of Having a Digital Interface or Integrating with One

The businesses that rely heavily on in-person transactions, and consumption, have had to find ways to still interact, and transact with their customers. Whether it’s food stores, restaurants, or everyday products, a significant number of revenue and income in 2020 for businesses, is going to be through online or digital platforms. Customers are now in a state of self-isolation, and quarantine, where they still need products, food, and water. Even as these tough times have come upon us, people still have a need for certain things. The ways people are obtaining and getting these essentials is through delivery services, or online platforms who deliver goods through the mail. Businesses have had to get themselves listed on all these delivery or online platforms, have had to offer their own delivery services, and make sure they were putting themselves in a position to be where their potential customer or consumer is purchasing goods or services.

Digital Communication and Meetings

Every business has moved to work from home or remote work setup. Employees and companies have still had to change the way they conduct business, as they operate, and try to continue working through the global pandemic we’re experiencing. Meetings and communications have gone into a complete digital atmosphere and through a complete transformation. Meetings have started to take place online, where people tune in from wherever they are, most likely their home. Agendas have had to be exchanged and reviewed through E-Mail, and correspondence is basically all throughout online exchanges. The days of where you stopped by someone’s desk, met for a cup of coffee, or met in an office, have changed for the time being.

Digital Payments

A lot of the income and transactions that are taking place and occurring in business is through digital systems or digital infrastructure. The way companies are receiving payments, processing payments, and sending payments, has gone digital as well. Many companies have integrated payment systems, where customers can pay through online platforms, using their credit cards, or through existing online accounts. The accounts and systems in place, allow you to take credit card payments, send payments from one party to another, and offer a variety of different ways to process payments as well. It opens the door for people around the world to transact with you and offers your customers increased flexibility in the way they choose to pay you.

With the way the world is now, it’s become ever important to have these types of systems and procedures in place. Having these in place enables you as the business to receive orders virtually, and to continue generating income when few people are coming to retail shops, doing business in person, and transacting the way people are used to. The current pandemic has moved a lot of the way consumers shop through online platforms and has shifted much of the flow of commerce to these online and digital payment systems.

Revenue, Income, and Earnings

As the world has changed, and the way business has been conducted has changed with it, the way companies have generated income, earnings, and revenue has changed with it. Many companies have looked to create new products in order to increase their revenue. They’ve tried to find new income streams that are purely digital. And they’ve seen their earnings drastically change, as consumers can only consumer through the internet, and through digital platforms.

An interesting topic to consider is how will companies’ earnings, incomes, and metrics be influenced by the pandemic. Since many businesses are based on in-person transactions, it’ll be interesting to see how the market reacts to the differences in income to what they report, versus what they projected originally. The numbers, metrics, and results of a business are going to be much different from what many of the analysts projected or believed them to be. A lot of what business analysts do is going to be affected as well. They’ll be seeing many different numbers, metrics, and results, then what they are accustomed to.


All in all, the world has gone under an incredible transformation, and incredible change in regard to the way business is conducted and operated. Many companies and businesses have had to shift their businesses online, with meetings online, more online revenue sources, and finding new ways to meet the needs of their customers through online or digital platforms. It’s incredibly interesting to see which companies have fared well during this time, which was prepared or made investments into digital platforms, and the ones who are going to have to change the way they do things in the new time we find ourselves in. The way businesses and companies are going to run and operate their businesses, is going to be incredibly changed going forward. More and more companies are going to try to move into online or digital mediums, as the world consumers more content, more goods, and more services, through online and digital platforms.