Staying Active While Working From Home
Drew Allen

The pandemic has changed the working lives of millions of Americans. They’ve been forced to swap boardroom meetings and long commutes with zoom meetings and home offices. Employers are now saying that remote working will continue to be an option for millions of office workers but are you up for the challenge of working from home permanently? Are you worried that you’ll lead a more sedentary lifestyle and your physical and mental health will suffer as a result? It’s a valid worry. On that note, the following are some tips that will help keep you active as you make the switch to remote working.

Get An E-Bike

Do you love the idea of cycling but hate the fact that it takes you so long to get from A to B? If so, why not invest in an e-bike? Contrary to what you might think, you’ll still have to pedal and you’ll still burn calories but, with speeds reaching between 25 to 45 km/h, you’ll arrive at your destination much faster than if you were to pedal on a pushbike. There are plenty of accessories you can purchase in addition to the bike too so take some time to research a secondary battery kit so you avoid running out of power. An e-bike can become your best friend when it comes to beating the traffic and getting your daily dose of exercise.

Sign Up to An Online Fitness Class

It can be hard to make time to go to the gym every day, especially if you’ve got kids to pick up from school after you’re done with work. Make the most of your quiet time at home by signing up to an online fitness class. Whether you prefer yoga, Pilates, HIIT or Zumba classes, there are so many options online. You could do the class on your lunch break if you have time or try pushing back some of the morning tasks so you can get your exercise done early in the day. Don’t worry if you’re falling behind on time as most classes are recorded and uploaded so you can do the routine at a time that suits you.

Stretch It Out

You’re going to be spending long hours sitting at a desk and your body is going to feel stiff and sore. To combat this, stretch at regular intervals throughout the day. Stretching will give your muscles and joints some much needed movement so you don’t end up in bed with an aching back or neck. Even if it’s just a five-minute routine twice or three times a day, you will feel the benefits of giving your body this freedom to move.

Invest In a Set of Weights

Even if you’ve never lifted weights before, consider investing in a set of starter weights to leave beside your desk. During calls or while waiting on files to download, reach over and pick up the weights and do repeated arm movements. Doing so will increase the blood flow to your arms and prevent them from cramping from doing too much typing or writing. You’ll be able to pick some up from your local fitness store for as little as $20 - $50.