Some Golden Rules to Follow for a Sustainable App Development Process
Gaby Alexander

Developing apps that would meet the needs of those using them and still have value over the years can be quite a cumbersome process. Each day the market is inundated with a number of apps that promise to make one’s life easy, comfortable and help them with their jobs. However, as the days bleed into months, these apps slowly lose their relevance and purpose. There is, however, a solution to this challenge that most app developers face these days.

By following a sustainable app development approach, developers can build apps that shall stay relevant and not lose value over time. Now, one might not be able to predict accurately what users want from the apps they use and if the apps shall be able to meet the expectations of the future. However, by taking little steps towards effective strategizing, designing, and framing holistic product definitions, it can be ensured that the apps developers build, stay useful even in the future. We have come a long way in the domain of technology.

From understanding how to block websites on google chrome to eliminate distractions while browsing to developing apps that ease our job in the office, we have reached monumental heights of success.

In the article that we have today, we shall take a look at some of the golden rules of sustainable app development and see how they could contribute to the development of apps that shall be relevant even a few years down the line.

Assessing the Needs of the Users:

The very first step in developing an app that shall have value over time is to understand the real needs of the users. Developers must try to understand what users want from an app. This means that they must understand the pulse of their target audience before anything else. Once the real needs of the users are understood and analyzed, developers can take the right step towards developing an app more sustainably.

It is Important to Implement Designs that are Scalable:

The next step in developing an app sustainably is to deploy scalable designs. This means that a developer must think of ways to build an app that leaves enough room to incorporate changes and make tweaks in the future. Apps need to be able to evolve with the changing times if it is to hold value.

Therefore, it is of tremendous importance that apps are designed with scalability in mind. Scalability ensures that the apps take into consideration what the users want in the future. It does not make the initial versions of these apps look incomplete or lacking in some way. It rather makes it possible for the apps to incorporate the changes, thus, making sustainable app development a possibility.

Paying Attention to User Feedback:

Developers build apps for the consumption of users. Therefore, they cannot afford to ignore what the users want. It is very important that the app developers gather user feedback on time, assess and analyze the same and incorporate the changes while making tweaks to the apps. They need to assess which changes shall make the app better while also understanding the changes that would ensure that the apps are sustainable enough.

Analyzing user feedback also helps in understanding what kind of features users want from their apps. Developers can then, keep in tandem with these requirements and build apps in the near future. This is how it can be ensured that the apps are sustainable and have value even a few years down the line. Paying close attention to user feedback is one of the most important principles of sustainable app development.

Updating and Releasing Apps Frequently:

The job of app developers does not end once the app has been released into the market. It is crucial that they keep making frequent updates to the apps and upgrade them often. They must also be able to respond to the technological changes that take place over time and update the apps on similar lines. It is essential that app developers release the apps when the time is most apt and keep making additions to them.

This is yet another vital principle of sustainable app development. Unless the apps are updated on time, they shall not assume a more sustainable approach. They shall lose value over time and become irrelevant. Therefore, it is crucial that apps are not just released on time, but also updated frequently to keep in tandem with the evolving times and needs of the target customers.

Wrapping Up:

Assuming an approach of sustainable app development might be easier said than done. Sustainability ensures that people can use resources while saving them for future generations as well. Therefore, sustainable app development ensures that the apps are relevant not just in the present but also in the future.

There shall be roadblocks and various other impediments making the task cumbersome. However, if app developers follow the aforementioned principles of app development, it can be ensured that the apps are sustainable, has value, and is relevant even ten years down the line.