Outsourcing Your Media Streaming Solutions: Is It Worth It?
Lucy Hudson

Media streaming has seen a significant rise in popularity over the last decade. More and more, people are consuming content through these platforms, making it relatively clear what changes businesses should be making moving forward.

When it comes to media streaming solutions, though, should you be doing it yourself, or are you better off outsourcing it? That’s what we want to look into.

The Potential To Save Money

One of the main reasons that a company outsources any kind of work is because it saves them money. Unfortunately, businesses often have to compromise on the quality of said work because the cheaper rates don’t pay for exceptional work. That’s a concern you don’t want to deal with when it comes to your media streaming solutions. However, if you find a reputable service to work with, that won’t be a problem. It may cost a little more than usual outsourcing rates, but with streaming increasing across most services, the extra money’s worth it. Plus, it’s still bound to be cheaper than starting from scratch in-house.

You’ll Save Yourself Time

Nobody can click their fingers and complete something in an instant. Everything takes time, and the less experienced you are with something, the more hours you need to get it done. That’s certainly the case with media streaming solutions. It can take weeks, if not months, to put everything together – time that might be better spent working on the content you wish to stream. If you outsource your streaming solutions, though, then you can trust that everything’s in the hands of people who have done this sort of thing many times before. They can offer a clear timetable for when the job will be completed, if not have a service ready to go almost immediately.

Expertise To Rely On

Expertise is invaluable, and unless you have a team who knows their way around media streaming solutions, it’s likely that outsourcing will be the best way forward. This is an area where mistakes are easy to make, so hiring specialists ought to prevent any costly errors or delays in development. One service you can look to for help meeting your media streaming solution needs is playout from Red Bee. The company is no stranger to managing and distributing content from established media brands, and their playout service allows you to showcase your work quickly and efficiently on dedicated channels.

There When You Need Them

Just because a system is made to perfection, that doesn’t mean it won’t ever go wrong. Services breaking down is sometimes an unavoidable issue. What is avoidable, though, is wasting time getting things fixed. If you outsource your media streaming solutions to someone else, the responsibility of repairing the problem rests on their shoulders. Failing to complete the work in a timely manner won’t exactly benefit their reputation. So, they’ll be inclined to keep you happy, and if you outsource to a trustworthy company, then you know they’ll never disappoint you with this.

Fewer Things To Worry About

Growth is something that every business should hope for, and it’s something they can be almost assured of with streaming. Just look at the compound annual growth rate for global video streaming, which is predicted to be 20.4% over the next 7 years. Unfortunately, this kind of growth can create challenges for companies when they have to do things like increasing server capabilities or bringing in new technology. What's excellent about outsourcing is that such growth happens more smoothly because you don’t have to deal with any of those issues yourself. You don’t need to get your head around new developments or throw money at product enhancements because everything is handled by the experts. You can just enjoy the fact that your company is growing more popular by the day.

There are obviously downsides to outsourcing media streaming solutions, but these cons don’t really outweigh the pros. There’s a lot of good that can come from handing over responsibility to other parties, meaning your business can get to where it needs to be quick.