Online Marketing Through Blogger Outreach in the Age of AI
Mildred Austria

Blogger outreach is an approach in product promotion or marketing that targets the audiences of established bloggers, online journalists, and others that regularly publish content on the web. It uses the credibility or influence of bloggers to promote products. Instead of paying for ads displayed on random websites or videos, blogger outreach focuses on specific niches and harnesses the convincing power of established online publishers.Understandably, some doubt whether this kind of marketing still delivers the expected benefits. Blogs nowadays have fewer visitors, as most netizens spend their time on social media, video streaming sites, and online games. Still, blogger outreach still has value.

Blogger outreach is still relevant

Blogs are not yet passé. According to Statista, around a third of websites worldwide are blogs. They comprise a huge chunk of online content. Many may be spending more time on social media pages, but most of the content on social media is linked to blogs or news pages.

As such, blogger outreach still makes sense as it is useful in building backlinks and generating traffic to advertisers’ websites. Ocere, for example, continues to help businesses in promoting their products through blogger outreach. The platform works with tens of thousands of blogs to facilitate collaborations with advertisers in launching promotions and marketing campaigns.

However, it is important to point out that using blogger outreach does not mean guaranteed traffic or brand exposure. The success of using this method depends on how it is undertaken. It is crucial to identify the right blog niche and carefully choose the bloggers to work with. Also, the pitch to bloggers should be carefully prepared.

Blogger outreach and AI

Artificial intelligence is not an enemy to blogs and blogger outreach. AI chatbots may change the way people search for information online, but it does not eliminate the need for search engine optimisation (SEO), which still makes heavy use of link building, keyword placement, and optimised content. Blogs play an important role in SEO and may also contribute to the information used to train AI chatbots. Besides, there is no evidence that AI chatbots have already made Googling irrelevant.

On the other hand, AI can help in blogger outreach. It can be used to identify the right niche and blogs. AI can help quickly determine the best categories and specific blogs for a marketing campaign. ChatGPT, for example, can present a list of high-traffic blogs in an appropriate niche suitable for advertising a specific product. It can do this in a matter of seconds compared to the hours or even days it would take to do things conventionally.
Additionally, AI can be useful in generating pitches for bloggers. It can write effective pitches that appear professional and impactful. Also, AI can help in coming up with seamless product placement and link insertion ideas.

Worries over AI-generated content

Some may have reservations about working with bloggers, as they may be using AI to quickly produce their content. AI-written content can be tagged as plagiarised or deemed spammy and written for computers (not humans). These are serious concerns that can undermine product promotion efforts and result in wasted resources.

Nevertheless, there are ways to identify plagiarised and entirely AI-generated content. Blogger outreach platforms are aware of this, so they see to it that only blogs that create content for people are included in their network. Also, advertisers can use tools like ZeroGPT to address the abusive use of AI content generators.

Blogger outreach still has its benefits. AI may have some impact on it, but it continues to be a valuable marketing strategy. Changes may take place along the way as AI evolves, but there is always enough time to adapt and tweak approaches.