Need to Send Mass Emails Out to 10,000+ People? Here’s What You Can Do
Kayla Stone

When it comes to sending out a mass email, you want to use a process that is both quick and reliable. For obvious reasons, you aren’t going to individually type out thousands of emails to your client base from your Gmail account. But you also don’t want to send out a mass email that feels robotic and impersonal. Along with using the right mass email program, you can also use a number of effective techniques that will make your audience open the email and engage with it. Therefore, you need a platform that lets you send out mass numbers of emails while also letting you tailor them to each person on your mailing list. Here are some tips and best practices for pulling it off! In this article, we will review:

  • Tips for finding a mass emailing system that works for you

  • Guidance on creating an organized email list

  • Best practices for mass email marketing campaigns

Find a Fast and Effective System for Sending Out Mass Emails

There are numerous mass emailing platforms available, but they are not all created the same way

The G Suite only lets you reach 2,000 people a day. With a regular Gmail account, you can only send 500 messages a day. This includes the number of recipients you can send emails to. For example, you can send the same email to 500 recipients or 10 emails to 50 recipients. If you’re trying to send a mass email out to hundreds or even thousands of people, you won’t be able to do it with a regular Gmail account. This is where GMass comes in. GMass is a powerful mass email system that allows you to send large quantities of emails from your Gmail account. Whether you want to send some cold emails to potential leads or follow-ups to people who might be ready to purchase one of your products, GMass enables you to do this with ease.

Some of GMass’s most attractive features include:

  • Ability to merge data from Google Sheets
  • Capability to personalize your emails based on information extracted from columns in Google Sheets

  • Option to send follow-up emails to people who opened an email and clicked your CTA as well as those who did not engage with your campaign

  • Ability to prevent your emails from falling into the spam folder

Features like these can be incredibly helpful, but also overwhelming if they are not presented in a user-friendly manner. That’s why GMass offers an easy-to-use dashboard to organize your mass email campaigns.

Next, You Need to Organize Your Mailing List

Before you do anything else, you need to create a list of recipients you intend to target for your mass email campaigns. Google Sheets is a free and easy tool to use for this task. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 recipients on your mailing list, Google Sheets makes it easy for you to keep them organized. Within this sheet, you can store pertinent information such as a person’s first and last name, email address, company name, and job position.

If you use a mass email service like Gmass, you can automatically import information in a spreadsheet from your Google Drive account to automate certain processes. For instance, rather than manually entering your email list containing all of the contact information of your recipients into a new system, you can automatically import it into GMass. GMass will also pull information such as the first and last name of your recipients to help personalize your emails.

Focus on Creating Content That is Actually Relevant to Your Recipients

Once you have the logistics down, you need to focus on mass email strategy. As you create your emails, you will want to focus on:

  • Writing captivating email subject lines

  • Designing a clean and simple layout

  • Focusing on informative content

Interesting Email Subject Lines

One way to reel people in is through an enticing email subject line. If you’re offering a deal for new customers you could write something like “Get $5 off your next lunch order” or “Hungry for a good discount off your next deal?” Keeping it short and to the point is always an effective technique for attracting people’s attention. You will want to avoid gimmicky subject lines that seem like clickbait, such as “You’ll never guess what just happened.”

Clean Design

You don’t have to go all out with your email design and add intricate illustrations or animations. While a high-quality graphic or impactful photograph will certainly draw the attention of your recipient, clogging your email with them can end up turning them away. Plus, emails that are filled to the brim with images are harder to load and can even cause your email to get flagged for spam.

Keep Them Short and Informative

You don’t have to include an entire blog post in your email. Instead, you will want to keep it short and sweet. You can include a number of different items in your email, such as tips and tricks for navigating your industry, news about other companies or influential leaders related to your business, or upcoming events. Whatever you choose, you will want to keep it concise.

Creating effective mass email campaigns is both an art and a science. As you work on different campaigns, you will find that you need to go through a lot of trial and error before you figure out which ones are the most effective. While building successful email campaigns will always come with its own challenges, you can still use automated mass email systems and sophisticated spreadsheets to streamline the more tedious steps of your process.
What methods have you found were the most effective when planning mass email campaigns? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear your thoughts.