IPTV Service Is A Good Business Opportunity: 3 Reasons
Stacy Chabot

Suppose you want to launch an IPTV service but hesitate. You are not sure whether it is a good business idea or not, whether it will bring revenue to you or not, and whether it has growth opportunities or not. It’s okay to ask questions and have doubts.

In this article, we will try to show you that the IPTV video streaming service is a good business opportunity.

Let’s observe the main reasons.

Why is an IPTV service a good business opportunity?

IPTV solutions provide businesses with many monetization opportunities.

For a business, an IPTV platform is a video monetization platform in the first place. Monetization and generating revenue is one of the main things businesses search for when they analyze the business idea.

IPTV solutions provide you with various monetization models that you can use. For example, you will be able to earn money from advertising. Server-side ad insertion will allow you to generate revenue and attract more customers. It may happen because services earning money from advertising can remain free for viewers. So, users will be able to watch videos without a fee.

Some IPTV services generate money by selling monthly or yearly access to users. A person purchases a subscription and enjoys content for a period. Then, a subscription should be paid again.

A pay-per-view model is also an option for IPTV businesses. People pay for a single piece of content, and the rest of the videos remain inaccessible. Services using this model usually let viewers download videos or store them for a while. It is up to a service provider to decide how long users can access a video.

If you don’t know what monetization model will work for you, you can find an IPTV solution that maintains all of them. Then, you can test each one and analyze the results.

There is a shift from traditional television to IPTV services.

It is true. IPTV or OTT services became even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. They still stay popular even when people return to normal life.

Moreover, people who use traditional cable and satellite television tend to cut the cord and switch to IPTV services. They do that because cable or satellite TV isn’t as flexible and convenient as IPTV.

And that point leads to the next one.

People love IPTV services.

They love them for their convenience and the multiple features they offer. IPTV services allow people to watch videos anytime they want. It can be explained by the many capabilities IPTV services provide. For example, there are catch-up, rewind, and video-on-demand functionality.

The catch-up feature allows users to watch programs that were broadcasted earlier that day or week. The period depends on a provider’s decision.

Rewind allows a person to re-watch or skip some scenes or episodes that they find boring or, vice versa, interesting.

And video-on-demand (VOD) is the most popular feature that people from all over the world love. VOD allows viewers to watch videos anytime they want. They purchase a subscription or a video itself, choose what they want to watch right now, and enjoy it.

There is no need to wait for a program to air or even go to the cinema to watch a particular movie. VOD makes it simpler. People can watch their favorite national TV even abroad (NimiTV gives such a possibility for Albanians). A person should have a device and an Internet connection – that's it.

Moreover, IPTV services can operate on different devices, which makes people’s lives more convenient. They can avoid family arguments over the remote control because each family member can use their device. Isn’t that perfect?

These reasons show that there are many chances that you will find your audience and succeed as an IPTV service provider.

Final Thoughts

It is up to you to decide whether to launch a video streaming service or not. If you are ready, you can contact Setplex for more information. They designed an IPTV solution for ISP, governments, and content creators. They can also help with the launch.