Instagram Collabs: How To Collab On Instagram & Why You Should
Larry Henderson

Instagram Collabs: How To Collab On Instagram & Why You Should.

Ever heard the age-long saying: two heads are better than one? It represents the idea that two (or more) people can solve a problem or do more productive work together. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what Instagram collabs are about—joining forces with other Instagram users to make posts that will benefit everyone involved.

What Is An Instagram Collab?

Introduced in October 2021, Instagram Collab is a feature that allows creators and businesses to co-author Instagram feed posts and reels.

The post will have the usernames of the collaborators at the header and appear on both their profiles. A more interesting thing about collabs is that the collaborators get to share the likes, views, and comments.

Many marketers believe Instagram offers the best influencer marketing ROI. With Instagram collabs, undoubtedly, Influencer Marketing ROI is heading for the moon.

You can use this feature regardless of the size of your audience. It allows you to add up to 20 collaborators.

One thing worthy of note is that the collabs are currently only available for feed posts and reels.

Before You Run A Collab…

Before doing a collaboration on Instagram, here are a few things to consider:

  • Choose a brand that aligns with your value or niche and has the target audience you need. If you are a chef, it will be best for you to collaborate with a food brand.

  • Figure out the goals you want to achieve from a collaboration. This will help you measure your success and ROI in the end.

  • Choose authentic and credible brands or influencers. If you want to build a reliable brand, then you must work with people who are credible.

  • Work with Influencers that create content that stands out. Since the post your fellow collaborator makes will appear on your feed, it has to be at its best for your audience.

  • If you need assistance with choosing a suitable brand, many platforms can help. Platforms such as Upfluence, Humanz, Entribe, Creator IQ, etc. are available to make things easier for you.
  • How To Collab On Instagram Feed Posts

    1. Open your Instagram app and click on the "+" icon at the top right corner of your screen. Select Post or Reel
    2. .
    3. Choose a photo or video for your post. Edit your photo or video if you wish and tap on Next or the arrow icon.

    4. Type in your caption. Tap on Tag People and then tap on Invite Collaborator.

    5. Search for the handle of the brand you wish to partner with and tap on their profile. To add more collaborators tap on Edit collaborator and search for another user.
      Tap Done or the Checkmark icon.

    6. Tap Share or the checkmark icon to publish your post after previewing it. After this, your collaborator(s) will receive a request to accept or decline the Instagram Collab in their Direct message. Once they accept it, the post will appear on their profile.

    7. When someone has requested to collaborate with you, you will also receive a message to accept or decline. Accepting it will kick off your collaboration with them.

      How To Collab On Instagram Reels

      • Choose a video from your gallery or record and edit your reel.

      • Preview</> to be sure your reel is good to go and then tap Next for the sharing options.

      • Type in your caption and audio description.

      • Tap on Tag People and choose Invite Collaborator.

      • Search and select the username you want a collab with and then tap the checkmark icon. To add more collaborators, just like for feed posts, tap on Edit collaborator and search for another user.

      • Review your reel settings, publish and wait for your collaborators to accept the collab request.

      Note that: the number limit for both tags and collaborators is 20 per post. For instance, you can tag 5 people and add 15 collaborators but not 20 for each.

      Why You Should Do Instagram Collabs

      1. Expand Brand Awareness:
      2. With Instagram Collab your brand will grow faster. People who did not know your brand will become aware of it because you are tapping into a new and already engaged audience.

      3. Improve Engagement: Instagram collaborations usually involve fun and engaging activities that draw the audience's attention. By running giveaways, Instagram live sessions, challenges or contests, you draw people who will dish out real and free Instagram likes, views and comments to all the profiles involved.

      4. Create Room For Brand Transparency: Your audience can see the brands you partner with. Work with the right brand and it'll build authenticity for your own brand. This is especially so when you work with businesses that have built credibility over time.

      5. To Conveniently Give Credits: Instagram Collab is an easy way to give credit to brands or influencers that have contributed to the creative process of your content. It also shows appreciation to your partners and increases the chances for future collaborations.

      6. Boost Sales For Businesses: Your partnership with tested and trusted Influencers and brands will land you more followers and potential customers. The Instagram Collab will grow your followers and increase sales for your business.

      7. It Is Cost-effective: Businesses are looking for ways to cut down costs and maximize profits. Instagram collabs cost less than paid Instagram ads and can be very useful, especially for small businesses with low budgets. You will get good value for your collab investments and achieve your business goals with Instagram Collabs.

      8. To Put Out High-quality Content: When you get into a partnership with people who have innovative ideas for content creation, you all will work together to churn out high-quality content. And it's no news that content is king.

        This high-quality content can be the bait that draws a flock of followers to your profile, even long after the collab is over. You and your collaborators can also launch a campaign that yields user-generated content. That's more "free" content for your page.

      9. Eliminates The Need For Reposts: With the collab feature, You or your partners won't have to deal with the long steps of reposting or regramming collab posts through third-party apps.

      Ideas For Instagram Collabs

      There is a lot you can do with Instagram collabs. In this section, you will get amazing ideas to kickstart your collaboration journey.

      • Giveaways and Contests:
        Hosting contests and giveaways with Instagram collabs will open doors of engagement. Many people will jump in on your post because of its wider range and audience.

      • Instagram Takeovers:
        This involves taking over another brand's account temporarily (and vice versa) to post content to its audience. It is a fun way to grow your following and cross-promote content.

      • Instagram Shoutouts:
      • Here, an influencer you are collaborating with, will promote your product or services on their account. Their shoutout will draw the attention of their followers to your brand and even urge them to make a buying decision.

      • Instagram Market Days:
      • You can host virtual markets with similar brands where your products or services will be on sale at a discount for some time. All the collaborators will share all the products available on their stories for more reach.

      • Referrals or Affiliate Marketing:
      • Here, you partner with Influencers to promote your products or services and they earn a commission on each referral. You make more sales and your partners earn money, everybody wins.

      Last Words

      Now, you can clearly see how beneficial instagram collabs are to businesses on Instagram. What's more, you don't need to have a very large audience to benefit from Instagram collabs. What you need, however, is readiness and the right brands and influencers to partner with.