In-Demand Programming Languages in 2022
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Programmers are some of the most in-demand professionals today. A recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report highlighted that the demand for programmers will grow by 22% by 2030, compared to 4% in other careers.

If you’re a developer looking to hone your skills or a budding software developer, mastering the most popular programming languages is necessary. With nearly 9,000 programming languages in use today, the endless variety of options can breed confusion, so you should have an idea of the most in-demand ones. That said, there are the most in-demand programming languages in 2022.


Many consider Python as the future of software development languages. Over 80% of developers use it as their primary coding language. Its extensive libraries facilitate data science, AI, and ML processes. Some of the attractive features of this programing language include:

-Learning or coding with Python is relatively easy. You can even find Python coding classes for kids.
-Extensive frameworks and libraries that support a range of software development applications.
-Major tech companies, including Intel, Netflix, Spotify, and Facebook, work on Python.
-Python incorporates the variants of other programming languages such as Java (Jython) and C (CPython).


JavaScript is among the core programming languages of the World Wide Web. 95% of websites use the client-side coding language. JavaScript was initially used for developing web browsers. Nonetheless, it’s currently used for many server-side deployments, including developing non-web browser applications.

JavaScript got launched in 1995 as LiveScript. It was initially marketed as a“younger brother” of Java before evolving into a fully independent language. Although JavaScript often gets confused for and has similarities with Java, the two programming languages are different.

Today, JavaScript is the most popular software development language, and those well-versed in it are some of the most in-demand programmers.

Learning JavaScript comes with a range of benefits, including:

-It’s easy to learn the language and implement it.
-JavaScript can be used everywhere on the web, including in app development.
-The coding language runs immediately within client-side browsers.
-Excellent for game development.


HTML is a coding language developed to structure the content and text on the web. Since HTML alone only does so much on the appearance front, it often gets used alongside CSS to control the font, position, and color of the web elements. Although HTML and CSS are in-demand and easy-to-learn programming languages, building modern-day programs/websites/applications with the two alone is challenging
For this reason, developers who use HTML/CSS usually specialize in other programming languages. Nonetheless, HTML/CSS knowledge is a must-have. When hiring programmers for their development projects, employers often tick the HTML and CSS box. Therefore, the two rank among the most in-demand coding languages.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a software development language used to manipulate and manage databases. SQL is a domain-specific language for data management within relational database management systems (RDBMS). It’s primarily used by programmers to pinpoint and fetch data from databases, but can also be used to remove, update, or add records.

SQL is helpful when creating sales reports, managing databases, and business management. Since it’s a highly functional programming language, excellent for working with smaller databases. As such, it isn’t surprising that SQL ranks third among the most in-demand programming and is used by over 50% of developers use it.


Released in 2012 as a “typed” JavaScript version, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. It’s designed to support all JavaScript programs and libraries and comes equipped with advanced features such as type-checks to provide convenient validation and ensure that the codes you type are error-free.

TypeScript is suited for larger web applications and makes software development quicker, easier, and more predictable. It’s excellent for organizations with extensive web application needs thanks to its advanced features and support for all JavaScript libraries.

TypeScript also provides additional structure to JavaScript to ensure better integration with the editors. This way, the programming language simplifies JavaScript, making it simpler to read, code, and correct. As one of the in-demand programming languages, TypeScript is widely used by software developers. Many point out that they’ve either worked with it or would love to work with it.


This programming language is an advanced form of the C language. Software developers primarily use it to create simple application apps for operating systems. C++ is also excellent for developing powerful and heavy-use mobile apps, games, ML programs, and data mining applications. Programs and applications created with C++ run faster than those developed with other programming languages.

Final Thoughts: Which is the Best Language to Learn?

Generally speaking, it’s hard to point out the best programming language to learn from these in-demand languages. They all enjoy considerable developer support and attention, thus the need to identify the one that meets your objectives or project’s needs. Once you pinpoint the language that suits you best, finding tutors experienced in these languages shouldn't be too difficult.