Implementing IoT into Your Business: Benefits and Obstacles
Barry Reinhard

Implementing IoT into Your Business: Benefits and Obstacles

With Digital Transformation, businesses can be up to date with recent happenings. The Internet of Things (IoT) being a valuable player of digitalization, can provide ways for improving the values, concepts, and development implemented by a company.

To Ignore digital transformation is to invite undesirable damages: when a company isn't ready to align with the IoT, it will lag in digitalization. In this article, you'll learn the benefits and obstacles of implementing IoT into your software development company.

Benefits of Implementing IoT into Your Business

1. In Full Control

You can successfully apply IoT in various fields, like transportation, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare, to facilitate work and optimize it. With this, you can keep track of multiple devices' performance and assist with maintenance. Remote monitoring systems can help you spot even the smallest faults that can create loopholes in the performance of your electronic gadgets. You can make this possible with the help of a custom software development firm like FortySeven software professionals.
You can see a simplified instance of how you can use the IoT to track product performance during the post-sale stage with the Rolls Royce aircraft engines equipped with sensors to transfer data from an airborne plane to the ground. While many sensors receive a vast amount of data, the Boeing 787 can generate up to 500 GB of data. In contrast, airborne and transfer everything to a Rolls-Royce operating center, and the data can be easily stored and analyzed in the cloud. Presently, the company oversees no less than 4,500 engines, and this approach to information processing compliments the performance of Rolls Royce engines.

2. Be on the Same Page With Service Consumers

A perfect instance of transforming the customer experience by applying the IoT is the Disney Magic Kingdom. Here, all the visitors in the amusement park adorn unique ankle bands; we call them MagicBands, as using a long-range radio can transfer above 40 feet in any direction. The RFID technology helps the amusement park's team track visitor locations, their choice of activity, and their time while waiting their turn. Visitors can connect their debit cards to their ankle bands and easily purchase whatever they fancy.

3.Keep Customers Informed

IoT technologies give customers up-to-date information concerning products and services. Companies focused on retail agree that the delivery state of parcels mostly plagues the inquiries they get from call centers. To simplify things, customers can keep track of the delivery online, and if a package is tagged with sensors, they can also remotely track the route of parcels on a retail site using a mobile app. You can contact a survey by Kaspersky Laboratorycustom software development company or mobile app development company like FortySeven for your digital transformation. FortySeven has several IT professionals and the head of marketing, Hanna Shnaider, is no less. You can find out more about Hanna Shnaider here.

4. Better Decision Making

IoT applications are equipped to track processes used in various fields of business, especially development companies. A noticeable amount of data sets up a base for precise decision-making. If employee's badges and working materials are impregnated with IoT sensors, they will enable top offices to get minute-by-minute information concerning the business. The data is saved and analyzed in the cloud. Managers heading decision-making can gain entry to data using a custom software or mobile app done by a custom software developer from almost any device. Having information close to the heart can easily track how changes influence the business direction and make wiser decisions whenever necessary. Data collection and analysis simplify new prospects and opportunities for business growth.

Obstacles of Implementing IoT into Your Business

1. Security Issues

Based on a survey by Kaspersky Laboratory, 65% of respondents from various locations around the world believe that IoT can elevate Internet security issues. And 77% of industrial custom software development companies dread the possibilities of being targets of cyberattacks. Although, the statistics explicitly state that there are no grounds for such attacks. Many software development companies are concerned about their data's safety, so they invest in custom software backup plans for security. That's why the number of cyberattacks in the industrial sector has dropped from 47% to 16%.

2. Technical Restrictions

The issue with connectivity raises concerns: linking so many devices is another enormous challenge IoT faces, which might call for drastic changes in the present Internet link model. The internet providers still lean on the centralized client-server model that links different devices to a network. Presently, this connection type is compatible with the IoT, but the number of connected devices keeps growing. The answer to connectivity issues lies in using cloud services, like Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, and you can seek the services of a custom software agency. It provides sufficient capacity, just enough to maintain millions of IoT connections.

Employees' Mistrust

Some employees advanced in age may fear working with new technology. However, the research data tell us that putting on workplace wearables helps lessen work stress, heighten teamwork and max up overall productivity. Computer software development scientists kept tabs on the behavior exhibited by call center operators via smart workplace badges. This enabled them to analyze the ways people interact, the tone of their voice, and their movements.
Converting the data collected from wearables, they supported the claim that automation of daily routine would positively impact productivity. For example, supposing operators had lunch together instead of sitting alone in the office, the call completion metrics will increase by 23%. These data being available will allow managers to tell if an employee enjoys working in a team and is satisfied with the present working conditions.
Generally, employees put out little skepticism concerning the digital transformation, but some other people still have high disagreements on innovations. The only way to rid employees of their doubts and win them over is to improve communication between them and the top offices. The last ones would explain the need for digitalization to their subordinates and ensure that everyone understands the essence and the aims of innovations.


The number of devices linked to the Internet is increasing as time goes on, and it is undeniable the effects of the IoT evolution. IT specialists like the FortySeven IT specialists can answer that lessens security issues and eliminates technical limitations obstructing digitalization. But one thing is sure: in the face of current impediments, IoT keeps on entering our lives, from a workplace to free-time activities.