How To Start A Profitable Career In Tech
Hazel Pan

We are part of the digital age, where the whole global economy is primarily based on information technology. So, if there’s one sphere that holds a high potential for earning a decent income and keeps your mind sharp, it’s tech. But why should you consider a career in this industry or opt for a career switch right now?

Tech-related professions have stable demand and will forever remain essential to nearly all industries out there. If you’re interested in having a steady job position, a fantastic income, and cutting the stress of regular jobs away, then you should definitely at least consider pursuing a career in this sector.

Additionally, tech skills are in high demand in the freelancing space, so there are numerous options to pick up small side projects or contract work that can add to your income while you test the waters.

Moreover, the multiple economic downturns that happened recently, including the last one that was forced by the ongoing pandemic, had many people reevaluating their career decisions and their motivations for zeroing in on specific kinds of jobs.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about starting a profitable career in tech.

Conduct A Thorough Research To Pick Your Career

As soon as you recognize the potential for a tech career where your skills will forever be in high demand and offer you the flexibility you desire, the question is how do you kickstart your career in tech? Well, starting a career in the tech sphere is a broad undertaking, so it’s vital to do a little research, narrow down your focus, and decide what type of skills you want to concentrate on.

It doesn’t matter if you think you would like to be a system analyst, programmer, graphic designer, or security analyst; everything starts with thorough research. Put the time in, utilize a search engine like Google and find out what people love and hate about each of these jobs.

Are you capable of living with intense deadlines and odd hours programmers have to put up constantly? Are you prepared to endure the critique by your superiors and go back to the blank drawing board as a graphic designer? Every job in this industry comes with some less desirable aspects, and knowing what type of work you enjoy will make the learning curve worthwhile.

If you think that your personality is well suited to a job you want, we encourage you to take the next step and work through an initial tutorial in this field. You definitely won’t master the position from a basic tutorial, but you will read a thing or two that might make you fall in love or quit on specific tech careers.

Take the time and ensure that you find the field worth pursuing and save yourself from making another job change a couple of years later. Once you select the perfect tech career for you, there are several paths you can consider to master the profession and become a well-trained professional.

You can pursue a traditional college degree, or even better, get the much-needed knowledge on one of the best online colleges from the comfort of your home. Actually, since all tech positions, more or less, practically require you to keep your eyes glued to the monitor, the whole concept of online learning blends perfectly with the idea of tech education. Tech jobs are incredibly flexible, and there are multiple access points for starting a profitable tech career.

Entry Paths To Start A Profitable Career In Tech

Traditional College Degree

In case you have the time and money to pursue a bachelor’s degree, this is an excellent way to start your hunt for a tech job. Besides, you can save some cash by taking the first two years at a local community college before transferring to a university.

It goes without saying that education can give you the foundations for a tech career, but most of the learning and relevant know-how you’ll achieve on the job or by teaching yourself as you build your career.

The fact remains that most colleges and universities teach theory and don’t always provide real-world, hands-on training. College degrees are absolutely beneficial but by no means necessary to start a successful career in the industry.

Online College Degree

Even before the ongoing pandemic struck the world, online learning was rapidly rising at a substantial pace in the last decade. Accurate forecasts suggest that the global online education market is on track to hit $319 billion by 2025, a mind-boggling increase from 2019 when it amounted to $189 billion.

As the internet is spreading its presence, hosting costs are steadily going down, AI advancements help the cause, and the overall demand for accessing educational content is trending up. With all these factors actively contributing to online learning expansion, this type of education will become the cornerstone of the academic system in the foreseeable future.

The distinguished Stanford University and Harvard University, among others, offer online degrees in many tech categories enabling students worldwide to get accredited college degrees just as they would if they took the classes in their prestigious facilities. Besides, online learning offers a great myriad of benefits and advantages to students who want to pursue a career in tech, including:

  • Unmatched flexibility to students;

  • Remarkable accessibility;

  • Being way more affordable than traditional colleges;

  • Plenty of tech programs to choose from;

  • Ability to set your own learning pace and environment.

Educate Yourself On Your Own

The tech industry values skill and experience well over a degree. However, some large corporations won’t interview applicants who don’t possess a four-year degree, so keep that in mind if you’d like to chase a corporate position. Still, most tech companies are willing to hire anyone who can competently do the work and solve the tech issues that need to be solved.

So, you can absolutely save valuable time and money by educating yourself on how to code or any other tech skill you want to add to your portfolio. The internet is full of resources for learning (like tutorials), so you can try to learn your desired tech skill on your own, which is a pretty important skill for you to have in a tech-related field.

Once you feel like you’re ready, don’t hesitate to apply for entry-level positions at tech companies that don’t demand a bachelor’s degree. Or just kickstart your freelancing career from there. Bear in mind, most business owners and employers would rather have a proficient applicant than one with a degree but no working experience.

Are You Ready To Kickstart Your Career In Tech?

Starting a tech career, like any tech-related problem, doesn’t come with only one solution. You can approach and prepare for your new career path in many different ways, using your problem-solving skills and creativity to take a course that will best suit your goals. Whatever route you choose, don’t put it off, as a career you love could begin with the simple steps you decide to take today.