How to Recover Deleted Files on Your Mac
Tommy Murphy

Macs are incredible computers in terms of their functions, – they run programs meant for many other Apple devices, and have a long life. Still, you should never be in a hurry when getting down to installing anything (if you do not want to spoil it all). Your Mac will be perfectly customized once you make everything right with your Apple ID and the cloud storage.

Yet, connecting with your Apple ID is not the only thing to be mindful of – in case you had an old Mac you will want to restore files from the hard drive, transferring them to the new one. All of this and more is fairly possible with luxe data recovery software such as Disk Drill for Mac.

Easy and Fast Data Recovery With Disk Drill

Erasing the memory of a Mac is commonly done when there is a need to reinstall some basic software. However, very frequently users neglect the stage where they have to check if they have copies of the important documents from the hard drive. As a result, valuable data is lost – business documents, family albums with photos, pieces of favorite music.

Now, it might sound unrealistic, but it has become absolutely possible to restore the lost files and even folders that weren’t meant to be deleted. This is ensured by the latest scanning algorithms – with a single mouse click, you will be able to get back your files in any format, including files that were kept on external hard drives, cameras, memory cards, iPhones, or Android devices.

If you would like to find out how to recover deleted documents, follow this short guide to learn how to pick data recovery software for Mac and overcome this problem.

To outline the process of restoring data on Mac OS X and older Macs (or Windows) with the Disk Drill system, have a look at the simple guide below. Following these tried and true steps, you will easily restore deleted files on Mac.

  • Download and install Disk Drill. This stage will take a minute and the software will be ready to search for the deleted files. What is especially great is that Disk Drill will let you recover deleted files on Mac regardless of the place where they were kept – a hard drive, flash drive, or camera memory storage.

  • Complete the hard drive scanning. Here you are supposed to choose the hard drive to scan, choose the files you want to recover out of those found by the program, and select the recovery landing place. Some files might lose their original names so you should be attentive and look at their size, date of the last change, and the documents’ type.

  • Sorting out and recognizing the lost files. Now, you simply tick the necessary files, complete the recovery, and celebrate the coming back of the valuable files.

However, it’s always a better way to prevent data loss than to take extreme action to restore it. That is why Disk Drill has though of data protection, offering a few comfortable options such as Recovery Vault, S.M.A.R.T., and Guaranteed Recovery that gives excellent help and saves the users’ time and effort to retrieve lost files on Mac.

Being this thoughtful, Disk Drill has gained recognition as one of the most effective software to recover deleted files on Mac OS or Windows. This system requires no special effort or skill and takes just 5 simple steps to get into the file system of any hard drive.