How to Reach Students and Make Your Business Known
Paul Calderon

Teenagers are commonly known as “trendsetters” in the consumer industry and it’s evidently clear why this is the case. Adults in the age range of 18-24 are constantly trying out new things and it’s the same when it comes to the products they use. Students, thus, become the best source to create long-term customers before they become financially independent.

Capitalizing on this age group becomes extremely important for emerging brands and even those that are already established. But how do you grab the attention of students and make them loyal customers? Here’s how.

Don’t sell directly; make it creative

While advertising and marketing basics teach us to focus more on the product than our artistic abilities while making ads, it’s a little different with students. You certainly want to ensure that your product gets enough screen time in your ad, but you must sell an experience associated with that product

Make your ads quirky and put them on different platforms. Focus on visual media and spend enough time on your copy. Students today consume many media, so your ad really needs to stand out from the rest. Learn what your buyer persona would need and make a vibrant ad around it.

Use visuals

Students today consume a lot of media from social media sites and streaming services. This is where you want to place your advertisements. Make a video about your product or service and make it visible on platforms like YouTube.
Based on how much you’re willing to spend, you can have targeted ads of different time lengths. However, it’s best to go for a short video as young adults don’t have long attention spans and tend to lose interest very easily.

You can incorporate the latest trends in these ads to make them more attractive to students. This way, you can earn more time to sell your product or service to them.

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Price your products around small budgets

Students live each month on set budgets that aren’t quite as big as middle or older adults. So, if you want to target this group, you will need to price your products accordingly.

While these prices may differ from product to product, taking surveys and doing your market research can help get your pricing right. Young adults can get very picky while choosing a brand at first, but if you gain their trust, they could end up providing greater sales and more profits.

This would also lead to them becoming long-term clients. So, ensure the first time they pay for your product is convenient for them. This way, you can attract even more students.

Provide student discounts

Whether they are in high school or college, students require a variety of products for their academic purposes. This is something many tech companies are focusing on today, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Getting students to buy your product through attractive discounts can allow you room to prove that your business can meet their needs and expectations. If they like your product, they will continue to use it and potentially become long-term clients.

Students discounts can be applied in every market. Even if you own a restaurant or a theatre, you can provide discounts to students. Student discounts can be very effective in attracting students to your business and then making them loyal customers over time.

Most emerging brands tend to shift their focus on the young generation and create their brand identity around them. Older adults aren’t much of the trying type and like to stick to the brands they already use.


Young adults are ready to try out new and emerging brands and thus provide a great market for those just starting out. Ensure that you keep track of the latest trends and capitalize on every new platform that emerges online, as this is where students would spend most of their time. Amongst these students, you’ll find many long-term loyal customers.

Author Bio:

Paul Calderon is a business finance expert who plans to launch a budgeting app with an X-factor soon. He worked in the corporate sector for some time and, as a freelancer, likes to help students write great essays and research papers. In his free time, he loves watching live sports, prepares vegan dishes, and go for cycling.