How to Prepare Your Company and Employees for Global Expansion
Rob Turner

Your company can reap many rewards from expanding globally. However, it is a big commitment that comes with various risks. Therefore, you need to put in a lot of preparation work to make your overseas expansion a success story.

Here are some of the key ways in which you can prepare both your company and your employees for global expansion.

Perform Rigorous Market Research

Before you can proceed with finding premises in other countries and moving your employees to new international locations via global mobility, you need to carefully consider your entry into the marketplace of other countries.

That means performing rigorous market research. You can then find the best destinations for growth opportunities and better determine how to handle competitors in those regions.

Your market research should include investigating and identifying the potential demand for your products or services in the countries you are considering targeting and the logistics and costs involved.

When you conduct thorough market research, you can come up with the right strategies to make your global expansion successful.

Prepare a Budget and Financial Strategy

Financial preparation is just as important as market research. You and your team will need to spend many hours consulting the books and doing calculations to determine the cost of expansion and what your projected profitability will be.

You can then set out an appropriate budget and look for ways to secure funds.

If you do not carefully plan your budget before proceeding with your global expansion, you could run out of money ahead of time, which could jeopardize your entire plan.

As part of your financial preparation, you should look into the financial incentives that some markets and governments offer businesses expanding into new locations. That particularly applies to countries that have new or growing markets.

Provide Relocating Employees with Various Types of Support

While you have the option to tap into local workforces, you will still want to relocate many of your employees.

Seeing as employees are at the heart of any organization, you need to make sure they are just as prepared for the move as your company is.

For instance, relocating members of staff could need to speak foreign languages so that they can engage with the locals and your company can penetrate the market quicker.

Your company may also need to provide the employees who are relocating with diversity training so that they know how to interact with other cultures.

Furthermore, you will need to put together good relocation packages that include things like the costs of moving, traveling, and finding new accommodation for the employees and their families.

It is also important that you give moral support to the employees who are moving, as uprooting to a new country is a big deal and a challenging task for any worker, especially when the employee is moving with his or her spouse and children.

Learn About Tax Requirements for the Countries You Are Considering Operating in

One thing you do not want to overlook is the tax requirements for operating in different countries.

Some countries have complex and challenging tax requirements, so it is important you know about and conform to all tax obligations before you proceed with your global expansion.

You need to consider the taxes your company will need to pay and the taxes that will affect your employees. Typically, employees who work in another country for more than a month or two have to pay taxes in that country.

Know whether your company is responsible for paying corporate income tax in more than one country and what all of the tax obligations are in each country you are planning on operating in long before you begin your expansion.

The sooner you prepare, the smoother your global expansion will be.