How To Optimize Your Setup As A Professional Gamer
Allen Brown

Many people think that professional gaming is not a real career; even though some gamers earn good money, people find it hard to believe that they are real ‘professionals’. This is an obvious yet gullible assumption as it’s based on the fact that they are still ‘playing games’. In that sense, any professional sportsman is essentially doing the same thing. The only difference is that gamers play in a digital arena, while sportsmen and women play in physical arenas. They are both games, and they both require a lot of work, practice, and dedication. Regardless of whether you like playing Fifa or Tekken, the work that goes into being a professional gamer requires the same level of commitment and discipline.

Professional gaming is getting incredibly popular nowadays with more people because they realize that this is a very high-earning industry. What they don't see is that it is also a fiercely competitive industry. Unlike physical sports where people are competing with other athletes from their vicinity. When you are playing online, in any game, you are playing with the best from all over the world. This is something that sportsmen and sportswomen only have to face when they play at the highest levels of play at national and international games. Even if you are signing up for a quick round of Tekken from your PS4 at home, there is a chance you will be playing against some of the best in the world. Here are a few things you can do to help you take your game to the next level.

  1. Screen

  2. Without a doubt, one of the most important and sensitive parts of your body is the eyes. The ability to see is an incredible gift that many people don’t have the luxury of enjoying. Just like teeth, you only get one set of eyes and if something goes wrong they can be extremely difficult to fix, and sometimes it might not even be possible to reverse the damage. In physical sports, the most common injuries are related to muscle, tendons, and bones, but for gamers, it is eye strain and problems with vision. Hours and hours of daily gaming over the course of several years is bound to have an impact. Getting a better screen, one that at least provides blue light filtering is a huge step forward for your eye health. While high refresh rates are important, it's also important to have a screen that will protect your eyes.

  3. Posture

  4. Another thing that tends to deteriorate very quickly for gamers is their spine’s health and their overall posture condition. PC gamers, console gamers, and gamers of all kinds don't tend to be very athletic or physically active people. They might enjoy soccer, but they like to play while sitting down. If you’re looking to invest yourself while keeping your body in tip-top condition, a good gaming office chair would be a wise investment. Keep in mind that together with the comfort they also provide health and longevity for your body. Nothing can replace getting out in the open and actually moving your body. Even with the best chair, it is important that you take frequent breaks and at least go out for a small walk during gaming sessions.

  5. Speed

  6. In all kinds of games, even strategy games, the element of speed is very important. Whether that is in attacking, defending, or being able to read the enemy faster, being quick is always advantageous. Especially for online players, having a fast internet connection is critical. Though speed is not just bandwidth, in order to reduce lag there are a number of physical modifications that you can make to your rig. Having things like a fiber optic connection and high-quality connectors will help you shave milliseconds off your ping. These few milliseconds can translate to a substantial FPS gain and also a strategic advantage over the opponent. If you are using a wireless connection, switch to a wired solution. It may be old school, but it is well worth the hassle.

There is one thing that is common between all successful gamers, and that is that they will know the game inside and out. The only way to be extremely quick is to reduce the time you take to analyze a situation. Top gamers will have memorized entire maps, they will know where to go to find certain resources and they will even know the tactics most used by their enemies. Nothing beats knowledge, and when it’s paired with experience and practice, it is a deadly combination in any playing field or industry.