How to Make Your Company Known at Business Events
Timothy Brown

A company that commands more visibility is way ahead of the competition when it comes to brand acceptance. There are many ways to increase your company's visibility. Tradeshows, exhibitions, and networking events provide you with an excellent opportunity for face-to-face interaction and demonstrations.

Whereas trade events provide a platform to build your customer base and even get partnerships, you need to lead people to your company. Exhibitions provide the audience, but people won’t get to you if you are obscure. To achieve high visibility, it is paramount to strategically prepare for events; simply showing up is likely not going to be enough to help you meet your goals. For many exhibitors that means starting with a look at companies that can help your booth stand out at events.

Here are key ways of improving your visibility at business events.

Identify the Target Audience and Your Objectives

It is not enough to make an appearance at an event. Identify those events that are ideal for your business and attend those which attract your target audience. After you’ve identified the audience, the next thing is to ask yourself what you want to accomplish.

Create Awareness About the Event

Look for effective ways to spread the word to let people know about the event and allow them ample time to prepare. You can achieve this in many ways. You can post on your website, send emails, post social media reminders, advertise through the press, and use Twitter hashtags.

When creating awareness, it is paramount to make it engaging. You do not have to sell directly. Make a creative story that will excite the interest of potential attendees. Define your target audience and talk to interested people who are direct consumers of your services or products.

Use visuals in advertising and maintain a solid social media presence. Aside from advertisements in applications, you can also get media coverage.

Have Plenty of Print Materials in Your Booth

By attending the event, your goal is to make your brand visible and for people to notice your presence. You may want your booth to look professional by engaging stands experts.
In addition, you need to print out business cards, postcards, coupons, and flyers, as well as novelty items to sell our gift key customers. Your stand should have the necessary signage, banners, and logo.

Staff Outfit

Your staff at your stand should be outfitted in clothing branded with your logo or business name. Such a move will showcase your presence and increase visibility. Furthermore, you will establish trust with your customers by your display of seriousness and professionalism.

Network and Contacts

The best thing that comes out of any exhibition is the networks with customers and like-minded professionals. Similarly, you will collect phone contacts and emails to add to your marketing subscriptions lists.

Your Staff

Trade events provide a chance for customers to interact face-to-face with the people they have been interacting with over the phone or through emails. Such interactions provide your staff with opportunities to KYC and even cross-sell your other products or services.

Flexibility and Lessons

When planning an event, it is prudent to plan for both expected and unexpected outcomes. The results may turn out as planned, or it may fail to achieve the desired outcome. Either way, it goes; consider it a lesson learned for future improvements.

Final Thoughts

Tradeshows, exhibitions, and conference events are great platforms to interact face-to-face with your existing and potential customers, but that’s not enough to propel your company.
A creative strategy for the big day will ensure that the audience has an idea of your existence.

Moreover, treat the event as an opportunity to meet your existing customer and interact with the business setup. It is also crucial for you to have knowledgeable staff operating your stand throughout the exhibition period. Nevertheless, they should not hide behind the booth.