How To Fix Circle Slash No Entry Error On Mac
"Ciki" Chengdu Aibo

Using a Mac device could bring much ease and reliability regarding various tasks. But there are multiple types of technology-mediated risks associated with it. There are different types of boot-up warnings that may occur for multiple reasons with the Mac operating system. One of the most common boot warnings is a circle with a slash. Normally it is known as a universal prohibitory symbol. A MacBook Pro circle with a slash means that your macOS could not access the critical files on the start-up disk. This problem won’t let you have an entry on your Mac. You can fix this challenging problem by following this article and mentioned methods.

What is A Mac prohibitory Symbol?

MacBook Pro offers great help in all kinds of work and quality time spending situations. With the invention of portable and reliable Apple technology, most of us relayed on our mac devices for our different kinds of important data for easy retrieval. But sometimes, boot-up problems and warnings put our data on the edge of great risk. A MacBook pro circle with slash usually could not bear any good news for your device.

That prohibitory mac symbol at boots means that the system might have found a bootable installation of macOS on the system, but it could not be recognized or used. There are various reasons behind this type of mac boot behavior.

Either the hardware and software of the system could have some issues, or the Mac operating system has some incompatibility problems with each other. Whatever would be the case, it won’t let you have control or entry in your Mac.

Fixing this problem could be challenging, but this article summarizes the easy and reliable method with all detail to help you get rid of it.

Effective Methods To Fix A Circle Slash No Entry error

Fixing the MacBook Pro circle with slash could be very challenging, depending on the causative reason behind it. If you know the reason behind the Mac prohibitory symbol, you can choose the most effective method. We bring the most promising and popular approach to help you eliminate the annoying boot warning sign that prevents you from controlling your device like usual.

Effective Methods To Fix A Circle Slash No Entry error

Fix By Resetting PRAM:

You can fix the PRAM to solve the circle with a line through it problem on your Mac boot by following these easy steps:

-Hit and press the power button for a while to switch off the Mac.
-Press and keep hold of the Option + Command + P + R key combinations.
-The system will start to reset by making the boot chimes.
-Let it cycle a few times.
-Release the keys after some seconds.

This might help the system reboot.

Fix By Repairing Disk:

Booting the Mac that gets stuck on the prohibitory symbol could not be an easy task. In some cases, the boot into the operating system could not offer any help. You can try fixing the MacBook Pro circle with slash by repairing the disk.

-Try booting the OS X installation DVD.
-Run both file system checks and permissions fixes on the boot drive.
-Open the Disk Utility from your Mac.
-Repair the start-up disk with First Aid in macOS Recovery mode.
-When First Aid repair is completed successfully, quit Disk Utility.

Reboot your Mac like usual.

Fix By Reinstalling macOS:If you could not fix the Mac circle with slash boot problem by following the methods mentioned above, then the chances are that your Mac might show this problem due to some software conflict. You can fix this problem by reinstalling the macOS that is compatible with the system requirement of your Mac. Before doing so, make sure you have restored your important data from your Mac. Using iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, you can easily retrieve your important data before you lose it during the reinstallation of macOS.


Fixing the boot warnings could be very challenging and tough for your Mac devices. But by understanding the cause of your MacBook Pro circle with slash, you can help yourself to fix frozen Mac instead of encountering bootup failures. Above mentioned methods offer great reliability to fix the problem that will let you boot your Mac like usual.