How Sportito Is Booming Within A Niche Market
Ishanka Warna

Fantasy sports have grown to mainstream prominence within the United States, but have had less velocity in the European market. As this begins to change, numerous companies have attempted to monopolize fantasy sport’s niche fan base but have proved unsuccessful. Many haven’t been able to garner substantial traction while others are simply unable to recognize this market’s true needs.

That is until Sportito stepped on the scene.

The traditional way of engaging with fantasy sports forced players to have an inordinate amount of patience and also lacked inherent monetary gain. Many players have grown bored with this model, propelling Sportito, with its innovative design, to become a primary destination for this type of play. Sportito boasts a philosophy of “Customer First” and by doing so has successfully disrupted the archaic model of fantasy sports.

Via Sportito, players no longer have to wait weeks to see if they emerged victorious and can also win real money in real time. Deemed “Daily fantasy sports” (DFS), Sportito represents a blossoming method of fantasy sports that aims to raise the stakes. Players can win tangible prizes daily and don’t have to wait a whole season to do so.

The company has also taken measures to lift salary cap restrictions, that are currently prevalent on nearly every other fantasy sport platform. This has functioned to elevate the experience as a whole and ignite more passionate players.

With a new app, Sportito has made use of the latest technologies to follow through with their ideology of putting the customer first. Optimizing their mobile experience has further driven Sportito to be a leader in this niche market and is showing no signs of slowing down.