How Nootrobox Started a Craze (That Actually Works)
Elisabeth Brier and Geoff Woo

The fervent health craze that has recently overtaken society has spurred a number of peculiar trends from cupping to placenta pills to oxygen shots.

Most of these fads have a validity that is questionable as best whereas others seem to exist solely for the financial gain of Instagram “celebs.”

Yet, amidst the bizarre and completely outlandish exist a few health hacks that are actually legitimate.

Nootrobox is one such craze that despite its quirky nature, also works.

From the company’s chewable coffee cubes (Go Cubes) to its assortment of dietary supplements, Nootrobox has the internet buzzing.

Geoff Woo, Nootrobox’s CEO and co-founder explains how the brand is a perfect “balance between data and fun” and how this has contributed to its wild success.

In marketing Nootrobox, to what extent is the inherent science of the products explained?

At Nootrobox, we embrace and nerd out about the science, and we lean into explaining and diving directly into the peer-reviewed clinical research papers. Our customers are smart and we treat them like how I would treat bringing ambitious and intellectually curious friends into the world of biohacking and human enhancement.

Does the modern narrative of "clean" eating in anyway foster or hinder the Nootrobox brand in terms of mainstream acceptance?

Any paradigm shift in how culture views consumption is good for us. The changing narrative means the timing is ripe for us to help redefine what is healthful consumption and what baseline healthy even means. We're already a part of the conversation via our leadership in biohacking and intermittent fasting. We think nootropics and proper supplements is very much a part of "clean" and better consumption.

How do Go Cubes function to fit within the brand as a whole and is the market for them vastly different than that of the other products?

We see Go Cubes as a welcoming friendly doormat into the world of biohacking and nootropics. Energy and focus is the first thing people notice and it's a natural entry point. Thus, it's got a more fun, friendly, and convenient angle. Once you're hooked there, you graduate to Nootrobox.

The sort of quirky nature of the Go Cubes has spurred prominent media attention and visibility. To what extent do you play into this narrative and how does this foster the Nootrobox brand as a whole?

We're smart, confident, and self-aware as the people and biohackers behind the product and brand. Having that come through is really an asset for us because we're a real authentic company and not just another big corporate.

What would you advise entrepreneurs whose product involves an aspect of science or tech that the general consumer may not be familiar with?

Embrace the science and tech but communicate it in a way that's real and actionable. Find balance between data and fun. It's an art.

What new innovations can we expect to see from Nootrobox in the near future?

Always upgrading our nootropic stacks. We have some irons in the oven we'll be launching later this year. Stay tuned.