How Modern Start-Ups Affect Youth Behavior
Judy Nelson

Numerous start-ups are launched every day in various industries, especially in the technology world. Due to the 2020 pandemic that has taken a massive toll on the economy, entrepreneurs started to create game-changing businesses even more actively. Tech companies even decided to raise venture capital funding to bring their innovations to customers who really need new decisions which can help to adapt to a new reality. Technology start-ups affect our behavior a lot, especially when it comes to influencing young people. Modern start-ups make an impact on youths in different ways. If you want to learn more about how they change the behavior of adolescents, keep reading the article!

1. Active learning

Innovations make people learn something new. They usually provide us with new ways of doing ordinary activities, so we need to adapt to them and learn how they work. Sometimes start-ups completely change every day routines and make us develop new skills. Gaining new knowledge of how modern technologies work stimulates our personal growth. Each time you buy the latest device, get a brand-new product, or order an advanced service, you want to know how it functions. This way, modern start-ups lead to constant self-development and never-ending knowledge improvement.

2. Better communication

Modern start-ups allow people to communicate more. They help to stay in touch all the time and not to lose connection with each other. In the long run, they may benefit us by strengthening bonds with loved ones and making relationships with other people better. Besides, regular communication, which gets possible with modern technologies, contributes to developing social skills.

3. Motivation boost

Numerous successful start-ups show that nothing is impossible. Huge businesses often start with only an idea of young people who have no material resources to implement it. But as it’s possible to get funding opportunities, appropriate concepts can be implemented in real life. The stories of success motivate young people to take action towards making their dreams come true. Youths start to believe in themselves more and put effort to make the world a better place. People who have role models get more ambitious and open to new experiences. They are not afraid to try something new and change the environment around them.

4. Meeting new people

Modern start-ups help to connect with different people. Those who are interested in some technological breakthroughs, often gather in companies to discuss the latest innovations and to brainstorm fresh ideas. Such meetings help to get new acquaintances among like-minded people. Start-up conferences can be highly beneficial for those who want to find partners or make friends with individuals who share the same interests and life views. Meeting new people is a great opportunity to share your visions and insights on different things. That’s what youths need most in their life, as they are undergoing an important stage of self-determination.

5.Feeling depressed

Unfortunately, up-to-date start-ups also may have a negative impact on young people. Most of us constantly compare ourselves to others. We often measure our success with the achievements of people surrounding us. In a prevailed number of cases, we underestimate ourselves and feel that others do better than us. It causes negative feelings and may even lead to depression. Someone’s accomplishments may lower our self-esteem if we don’t feel enough self-worth. In this case, we should perceive the achievements of others as an opportunity to learn from them and grow.

6. Bullying

Bullying is a common psychological phenomenon that often appears in student societies. Most educators try to raise the awareness of students on this problem, so they make it a subject for discussion at their lessons. Besides, students are sometimes given tasks on bullying, such as research papers, essays or presentations. If you were asked to write an essay on bullying but don’t know how to do it in the right way, follow this link: There you can find great essay samples provided by Eduzaurus for free. The essays on this website explain the effects of bullying on individuals, causes of it as well as preventing measures. Eduzaurus is a great resource to get an in-depth understanding of how bullying works.

One of the reasons why one can be bullied is because of failing. If someone is more outstanding than you, he/she may become an oppressor. As success is often measured by materialistic things, a profitable start-up can become a cause of bullying. Dealing with bullying is quite difficult as it requires some psychological resistance, but it’s possible to cope with this problem if you don’t get emotionally engaged in it.

As you may see, modern startups can have both a beneficial and negative impact on youth. They can help youth grow and prosper in many different ways as well as hold them down by making depressed and stressed out. But the most important is that young people have a choice to decide how modern start-ups affect them. If they can adapt to our rapidly-changing world and make the most of someone’s success, it’s a good starting point to develop their own start-up.

Author’s BIO
Judy Nelson is a young entrepreneur who tries to make the world around her better. She develops business plans for companies that could make dramatic changes to our daily lives. Judy believes that our future depends a lot on the young generation, as young people have the potential to make innovative breakthroughs and significantly increase our standards of living.