How Managed IT Services Save Small Businesses Money
Rob Turner

The decision to handle your IT department yourself or hire a managed IT service can be huge for most businesses. As business owners, we have to make sure every choice we make is cost advantageous. But at first glance, a managed IT service seems expensive.

Are they worth it?

Why a Managed IT Service is Worth “It”

We may come to the conclusion that anything we can do ourselves is too expensive, especially initially, to outsource. However, we often overestimate how well we perform at a skill and devalue the importance of IT. More likely than not, your IT skills and systems aren’t that great.

At the same time, we may not know why we need to maintain our IT systems. Whether you use a managed IT service or your own IT department, a maintained IT system can help you improve your network security, decrease breach-related costs, scale your operations, and more.

All of these factors contribute to a higher ROI. There’s just one problem: you have to have a full IT department to cash in on these benefits. You can’t “set and forget” your IT strategy, so you have to either pay an in-house department or call an on-call technician to spruce up your IT.

Both options are expensive unless you hire a managed IT service. For example, if you’re based in Florida, you could hire the experts at Techspert Services to act as your IT department.

How a Managed IT Service Positively Impacts Your Bottom Line

Even if you still think you can handle your IT systems yourself, there are still many positives that come with hiring IT professionals. Here are some benefits that come with a managed IT service.

Increased Network Security and Protection Against Malicious Attacks

Cyberattacks are happening more and more frequently. Human error and poor network security are two big reasons why small businesses are struggling to keep up with data breaches and hacks. A single ransomware attack could cost your business millions of dollars per hack.

When you hire a managed IT service, trained professionals will monitor your endpoints 24/7 and keep your computers updated and maintained. You’ll also benefit from other security-related safeguards they’ll put in place, like website filtering, antivirus software, and patch management.

Downtime Mitigation, Boosted Efficiency, and Improved Productivity

We don’t always notice how much time is wasted on small tasks, but we know how frustrating old technology can be. If your team members have to spend 5 minutes a day fixing a printer that won’t connect to your network, that wasted time adds up to 25 minutes every single week.

A managed IT service can perform an IT audit that specifically looks for improvements you can make in your system. They’ll set you up with technology that can reduce employee downtime and increase productivity, which can save your business thousands of dollars each month.

Longer Hardware Lifespan Thanks to Backups and Maintenance

Hardware is a significant investment for your business. Things like printers, laptops, computers, and services cost a pretty penny, but they cost even more if they aren’t maintained. If you don’t invest in a backup, like an external hard drive, you’ll lose more than money after a data breach.

When you work with a managed IT service, you don’t have to worry about neglect damaging your IT systems. That means you can increase the lifespan of your hardware and use them for longer. You’ll also benefit from multiple backups, as a managed IT service will store your data.

More Growth Opportunities and Scaling Possibilities for Your Business

Business owners often stretch themselves too thin, especially when they don’t have enough employees to complete every necessary task. But when you’re in charge of updating your systems, you aren’t paying attention to the growth opportunities or scaling possibilities.

Your IT systems are important and shouldn’t be left to an inexperienced technician. Fortunately, managed IT service companies hire staff that can completely handle your IT infrastructure. Now that you have the experts on your side, you can concentrate on building your business.