How Homepolish Changed The Interior Design Game
Elisabeth Brier and Lisa Bubbers

Whether you’ve at any point created a Pinterest page or have perhaps fallen down the rabbit hole of Instagram’s #interiordesign pages, you understand the impetus behind Homepolish.

Previously reserved for those with a more expendable income, interior design has become a fad that’s overtaken the masses, at least in their daydreams and vision boards.

Homepolish, however has has created a platform that works to turn your #dreamhome into a reality.

Lisa Bubbers, Homepolish’s VP of marketing, sat down with TechDay to explain how the company has been able to redefine interior design and through what strategies it’s been able to grow and thrive.

With traditional interior design services being regarded as a somewhat high end luxury, how does Homepolish engage the general population and reach a wide audience?

Homepolish was created to make the luxury of hiring a personal interior designer accessible. By providing a flat hourly rate without markups on purchasing, we make the process transparent and easy and we’re revolutionizing a traditionally stuffy and inaccessible industry. To engage and reach a wide audience, we shoot and create original content from our projects showcasing real Homepolish design projects with Homepolish Magazine, and we’ve grown our instagram audience to 1.4 million followers. We keep the tone irreverent and young, hopefully making interior design fun.

The New York Times said of Homepolish, "the process feels informal, as if a friend with good taste and connections is helping us get our place together." Through what marketing efforts is this narrative perpetuated and enforced?

We have a brand and content first approach to marketing. We leverage and utilize the authentic content and stories that result from the design process for our social, email, site and advertising campaigns. We have amazing client stories on how Homepolish and the designer transformed their space and ultimately their life and we like to let those stories speak for the brand.

Though accessible to the masses, Homepolish maintains a posh voice and aesthetic. How is this maintained and bolstered through marketing?

Homepolish likes to maintain a balance between a premium and luxury, and an accessible, fun and informative brand. We make sure the design elements of our site, our emails, our offline efforts are impeccably designed and on brand, but our photos feel bright, accessible and informal as does our voice. We bolster this through partnerships, partnering with like-minded brands and influencers.

What would your advice be to startup founders looking to disrupt an industry that has been previously reserved exclusively for the upper classes?

For Homepolish the true innovation was providing real value to a market of people that weren’t being served. By changing the pricing and the delivery of the service we were able to innovate and disrupt the industry. We capitalized and accelerated that innovation by building a lifestyle brand that would give this innovation longevity. I would advise startup founders to find a real problem that needs a solution and then build a smart and engaging brand around that solution.

What's coming up next for Homepolish?

Homepolish now provides a complimentary shopping concierge service in addition to interior design, so we will order all of your furniture and decor for you! We’re working on building the tools and marketing to allow our interior design customers to seamlessly project manage and order the product the designer recommends, creating a full service design solution.