How Employee Encouragement Is Vital To Company Success
Hazel Pan

In a race to track and optimize a handful of success determinants, businesses often neglect a crucial one - their employees. Seeing as they are on the front lines of a company's everyday work towards growth and improvement, employees who are valued and encouraged can not only improve a business's chance of survival but are the very backbone of its success.

Given the numerous challenges businesses face every day - especially after the Covid-19 pandemic - employees need encouragement to power through difficult times. Companies that encourage their employees give proper recognition to their efforts and improvements by engaging in positive feedback and responding to their emotional needs. What many business leaders fail to realize is that even a small 5% increase in employee recognition can raise profitability by 25 to 85%.

To help you understand how employee encouragement is vital to company success, we have looked at how your active support can inspire and improve performance.

It Shows Them You Care

The past year has clearly shown why companies should care about their people and make their well-being a priority. With the sudden shift to remote work, leadership teams that listened to their employees and offered help were able to encourage them to work and persevere through the isolating times.

Encouragement requires consistent efforts but is built from small things. Asking how your employees are dealing with changes, passing on a simple “we’re in this together”, or even sending them personalized and thoughtful home care packages can go a long way in showing employees that you care about them. In fact, sending your employees a customized home care package will show them that you value them and are always looking out for their best interests.

Naturally, if people feel that their company cares about them, they are much more likely to be dedicated and work towards a shared goal. At the end of the day, a person’s ability to perform a task bears no weight if they don’t have the willingness to do it.

It Raises Engagement

In any organization, there are days where both managers and employees can lack the necessary motivation to perform their tasks. That also means that there will be times when employees need more than just a pat on the back - they need active encouragement.

There is no doubt that everyone wants to be recognized for the things they do - regardless of the size of that achievement. Encouragement doesn’t mean that you give employees recognition only when they’ve completed a big project; it means that you encourage them to keep doing even the smallest things that can lead to improvement.

Encouragement not only boosts employee engagement but, in doing so, it increases their productivity and loyalty. In fact, organizations that successfully engage their employees achieve up to four times earnings-per-share growth than that of their competitors.

It Creates A Positive Culture

Every successful company is able to clearly communicate its vision and the organization’s core values to inspire its people. A culture that is centered around communication and care - and built through encouragement - can energize its employees to drive one another and the business forward.

A strong corporate culture that rests on such values can only be present if business leaders can feel the pulse of their employees and appreciate the value they bring. A company should encourage the improvement and well-being of its employees effectively to communicate that it cares about its people. A culture built on encouragement can essentially elevate the spirit of people and the work they do - fueling organizations as they progress and face new challenges.

It Inspires Ideas

If you encourage people throughout their journey, you demonstrate your confidence in them. This will not only make it more natural for employees to recognize the efforts of other team members, but it will empower them to share ideas for new and improved contributions.

If employees shy away from the spotlight because they feel less confident or appreciated, then you are missing out on great potential. Success doesn’t just come from repeating the same things over and over, it is accelerated with the introduction of new and innovative solutions. If you’re hoping your employees go beyond the scope of their current achievements, encourage further thought.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s difficult to define a metric that measures employee encouragement, that does not mean it’s impossible to evaluate. If you communicate with your employees, check on their progress, or simply look at your performance indicators, you might be able to get a hint.

Discouragement is your enemy, but there are ways to fight it. If you offer your employees support, recognition, positivity, and confidence, they will reward all of your considerations with performance.