How Different Software Can Improve the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing
Lucy Hudson

Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital advertising. However, many businesses fail to utilise it correctly because they haven’t invested enough time, research or money into their email campaigns. This leads them to disband their efforts prematurely, meaning they miss out on the huge advantages that this type of advertising can bring. For example, email marketing delivers targeted messages to customers, builds their trust and loyalty, drives high-quality traffic to your website, and all at a much lower cost than paid internet or television advertisements. So, how exactly does one guarantee this level of success from their own email marketing campaign? Well, we recommend using ecommerce email marketing software. Find out what the different types are and why they’re so beneficial to ecommerce businesses by reading on.

Template Software

Everyone knows the success of marketing hinges upon how aesthetically appealing your advertisements are. Therefore, businesses need to spend time and money on creating emails which are visually appealing to the customers or clients that open them. However, most people aren’t proficient in coding, so wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to designing an attractive email template. There’s also the issue of making sure all the links within the body of the email are well-integrated and actually work. Fortunately, to help businesses overcome this problem, there are plenty of email templates available. This useful software will allow you to easily drag and drop images, captions or text – plus, change the colour schemes and overall appearance to best match your brand. It also provides helpful previews and makes implanting links into your emails easier than before. Using a template software will massively improve the aesthetic appeal and therefore the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

Mass Email Sender

A good ecommerce email marketing software provider will integrate email templates with a mass email sender. Also known as bulk email software, this technology is able to automatically send hundreds and thousands of emails all at once, saving the manual labour of doing it yourself. But that’s not all. Mass email software can also segment your contact list into distinct categories, tailoring content to individuals based on their browsing history, demographic and shopping habits among other things. For instance, mass email software will send a prompt to customers who were in the middle of shopping and abandoned their shopping carts. Or, it will automatically message clients when they’re due an appointment. These things help businesses to chase up sales and drive revenue. By segmenting your contact list using a mass email sender, you also avoid spamming your customers with information that is irrelevant to them, thereby rendering your marketing campaign ineffectual.

Email Data Analytics

Once again, a good ecommerce email marketing software should also include a function for data analytics. Data analytics are an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing. They help to evaluate how successful your campaigns are and narrow down whether you’re effectively reaching your target audience or not. Email analytics include; bounce rate, which is how many people are actually receiving what you send them; open rate, which shows how many people have opened your message; and click-through rate, which highlights whether people are engaging with the email’s content and following the links through to your website. With this information, businesses can identify where they’re going wrong with their email marketing and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

These are the different types of software that will improve the success rate of your email marketing campaign. Make sure to invest in an ecommerce email marketing software which provides all three of these things to see the best possible results.