Grovo Founder Story

Nick Narodny, Cofounder of Grovo, chatted with us about founding Grovo and some of his favorite moments.

1) Greatest Challenge you've had while running your company

Grovo has grown very quickly over the last year, and it has remained a top priority for me and my co-founders to hire the right people at the right time. We know the right people are a crucial element to building our company and maintaining Grovo’s strong company culture.

2) Sweetest Victory

At Grovo, we have a Standard of Performance that is the founding charter for our company and culture. Part of it says "Deal appropriately with victory and defeat, adulation and humiliation (don't get crazy with victory nor dysfunctional with loss)." So I don't think of it as our sweetest victory, but thus far I think seeing the marketing team come together as a marketing powerhouse is a massive victory for the company. While this didn't happen at a point, it happened over time, it has been very exciting to watch and be a part of.

3) Best Mentor

My Cofounder Jeff Fernandez

4) Best Piece of Advice

"Team first, let's get it done" ­ Jeff Fernandez

Alex Khurgin, Director, Creative & Learning at Grovo

5) Coolest person you met at TechDay

Philip Mabry ­Phil wasn't just cool- he was a total sweetheart. When he came by the booth, we sold him on the promise of Grovo, and he sold us on the promise of Phil. We brought him into our office the next week for an interview and hired him on the spot. He started on June 1st as part of our Client Success team.

Note from the editor: Grovo was a finalist for the Nasdaq TechDay Techie Best in Education Award.

Grovo was also named The Best Place to work in NYC by Internet Week for 2015. P.S. and they’re hiring!