Give Your Posts A Boost: 5 Tips for Getting More Comments on Instagram
Larry Henderson

Content with high engagement rates reaches a wider audience and grows your following. Increase your engagement rate with a strategy to get more comments on your posts. Here are 5 top tips to get more Instagram comments on your content.

It’s best to have a high engagement rate on your content if your goal is to achieve success on Instagram. It’s also quite disheartening to see little to no engagement with your posts. You need to be strategic and put the effort in to boost interactions on your posts like Instagram comments, Instagram likes, and Instagram views.

If you can boost engagement on your posts, your account will become more discoverable, and you’ll extend your reach to a wider audience. The benefit of this is that more users will see your content and could potentially become your Instagram followers.

Instagram comments do a lot to boost your engagement rate. Successful fashion brand Shein wracked up 914,000 comments on Instagram in the first half of 2022. But how do you get more comments on your content?

In this article, we’ll discuss why Instagram is great for reaching a wider audience, plus we’ll look at 5 tips to get more comments on Instagram.

Instagram Is Great For Building An Audience

If you’re looking to reach a wider audience globally for your brand, business, or even as an individual personality, look no further than Instagram. There are now 2 billion active Instagram accounts.That is a massive audience you could potentially tap into.

If you have a great Instagram growth strategy in place and share high-quality content, you could grow a large dedicated, and engaged audience for your Instagram account. Instagram falls in the top 5 of social media platformswith the most users worldwide. As we live in the digital age, you should be using Instagram as a platform to reach a wide audience.

As a business, having an Instagram account can benefit you by:

  • Enabling you to reach more potential customers
  • Increasing your brand exposure in the public eye
  • Providing insight into what users need and want
  • Keeping an eye on your competitors
  • Improving your conversions and product sales
  • Rendering great returns and large profits
  • As an influencer or personal brand, Instagram will benefit you by:

  • Gaining more exposure to a larger audience
  • Connecting with many individuals as your following grows
  • Receiving more brand deals and event invites
  • Giving you access to free products and services
  • Getting an income from brand deals and promotions
  • Building a sense of community and brand passion
  • Build a dedicated audience by increasing engagement with your content, such as getting more Instagram comments. Having many comments on your posts will signal the Instagram algorithm to prioritize and promote your content to more users, as your content appears to be popular and valuable.

    When more users see your content, your chance for even more engagement and attracting more Instagram followers rises. Let’s have a look at 5 top tips to get more comments on your posts, which include collaborations, communication, consistency, strategicness, and giveaways!

    Tip #1: Collab With Brands & Influencers

    For a spike in comments on your posts, try collaborating with different brands and influencers. Great brands and influencers usually have a large dedicated Instagram following already, which means there’s potential for you to reach their large audiences with your content.

    The brands and influencers you collaborate with should be trusted and popular. This ensures they can influence and persuade their followers to engage with your content too by their association with your account.

    Some ways in which you can collaborate with brands and influencers to get more comments on your posts to include:

  • Have an influencer use and review your products or services. Post their reviews on your account, with their account tagged in your caption. This will draw their followers and your own followers to comment on the post.
  • Collaborate with other brands and influencers to host an event, giveaway, or even a Live stream. Post about the collaboration with a call to action for users to comment on the collaboration. Tag the brands and influencers you’ve collaborated with in your post so more users will see your post.
  • Host a takeover where you let an influencer take over your account for a day to show how your business operates from their viewpoint.

    Tip #2: Communicate With Viewers

    Whether you’re a business or personal brand on Instagram, you should be inspiring a sense of community with your account. This doesn’t only benefit users by giving them value in engaging with and following your account. It also helps you connect with your audience and keep your ear to the ground as to what your audience wants.

    If your account is one-sided and you don’t engage with your followers, you might see a decline in your engagement rate. Users want to feel heard and appreciated when they choose to follow your account. You need to ask questions and encourage your followers to comment with their answers or opinions on your posts.

    When users comment on your posts, you should respond. Respond in a way that invites a further response from them and even draws others to join in the conversation. You want your account to be interactive, where your followers feel that they are part of a community and the conversation.

    Tip #3: Post Consistently

    If you want more users to see your content and potentially engage with your content, you should be posting consistently and regularly on your account. Posting at random and not regularly on your account will lead to the “death” of your account.

    You should have a strategy in place to post high-quality content regularly on your account. You could use a content scheduling app like Planoly or create your own content calendar and be dedicated to your posting of content.

    When you post consistently and regularly, you create a great sense of expectation and value for your followers as they look forward to your next post, which they know is coming soon. This leads to your followers commenting more regularly on your content. The algorithm favors accounts that regularly receive comments on their content. It will continue to signal those accounts as high-authority, which helps grow your account faster.

    You can also grow your account by purchasing high-quality engagement interactions for your account from a professional and reputable service provider. This includes buying Instagram comments, Instagram likes, Instagram views, and even Instagram followers for your account.

    We recommend that you buy engagement services from a trusted service provider like Skweezer also offers a free Instagram downloader tool on their website. This Instagram downloader tool can assist you in downloading content directly from Instagram onto your device in a high-quality format, which you can repost on your Instagram account.

    Tip #4: Be Strategic With Reels

    Reels are trending, and you should be using Reels to boost your engagement rate on Instagram. However, it takes a bit more than simply posting any old Reel on your account. You need to strategically optimize your Reels to have maximum effect in gaining a lot of engagement.

    Post your Reels at the right time. This means at a time when your audience is most active online as this increases your chance of them actually seeing your Reel and engaging with it quickly. Put some effort and creativity in when editing your Reels. The Reels feature is packed with great editing tools and effects you can use to improve the quality of your Reels.

    Be original and make your Reels interesting instead of just copying other users’ Reels. To increase the discoverability of your Reels, use trending audio tracks and songs in your Reels. You should also use relevant keywords in your Reel captions to help make your Reels appear more in searches. At the end of your Reel, don’t be shy to ask users to comment with their thoughts on your Reel.

    Tip #5: Host A Giveaway

    Hosting a giveaway on Instagram is a great way to boost comments on your account. With a worthwhile giveaway hamper, most Instagram users would want a chance to win the prize. It also doesn’t take a lot of effort to enter a giveaway, making it more appealing for users.

    In your giveaway post, you can encourage engagement by calling on users to follow your account and to comment, like, and share your post.

    To get even more comments on your giveaway post, run a week-long giveaway where you call on users to comment each day of the week on your giveaway post to stand a chance to win.

    You could inform users that they can enter the giveaway numerous times by tagging other users in the comments section, with each separate comment being an extra entry into the contest. To get high-quality comments, ask users to comment why they want to win the giveaway prize.

    Key Takeaways

    If you ultimately want to be successful on Instagram, you need to find ways to boost your posts. Getting more comments on your posts will go a long way to help you reach a wide audience. A good engagement rate will also help to grow your following organically.

    Follow the tips we’ve provided to help you get more comments on your content. Remember, it’s better for your business or personal brand if you have an Instagram account that is engaging and inspires a true sense of community. We hope those positive comments roll in fast!