Four Reasons to Consider Using a Virtual Business Phone Platform
Rob Turner

A virtual phone platform handles your business calls via an internet connection.

That means, unlike traditional phone systems that work in only one location, you can make and take calls from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

You can accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls on a mobile phone, a desktop app, or a desk phone.

There are multiple reasons why more and more businesses are starting to use virtual business phone platforms. Here are four reasons that will make you consider using such a platform for your own business needs.

  1. Gaining Greater Flexibility
  2. When you use a virtual phone system, you don’t have to keep buying additional smartphones and sims. Instead, as briefly mentioned in the introduction, your team can communicate from a variety of flexible device options.

    In addition to desk phones, you can take calls from devices like laptops, iPads, tablets, iOS and Android apps, conference phones, and wireless VoIP phones.

    So, no matter where you or your team members are in the world, you can all easily use your preferred device to make calls and communicate internally and with clients, suppliers, contractors, and so on. You simply cannot get that flexibility from a traditional telephone system.

  3. Giving Customers a Local Number to Call... Even if You Live on the Other Side of the World
  4. If your business has a remote team, each team member will have different phone numbers, area codes, and inconsistent prefixes, which makes contacting your company much more challenging and complex for customers. That’s the last thing you need.

    On the other hand, when you use a virtual business phone system, you can allocate local numbers to your team members.

    That helps your business to maintain a professional identity. For instance, when you know how to get a US phone number, it means you can give American customers peace of mind even if your business or team is located on the other side of the world.

    When you have a US phone number, or a local number for another place, which you can easily use via a virtual phone platform, your company looks larger and more legitimate.

    Furthermore, there are no calling fees when you call customers in another country, so you save on costs.

    Also, US customers are much more likely to answer calls from US phone numbers, and the best virtual phone platforms enable you to choose a phone number for specific cities.

  5. Accessing Analytics
  6. One thing that remains out of your reach when you use a traditional phone system for your business is analytics.

    When you use the best virtual phone platforms, you can find out when your busiest days of the week are, what your call volume looks like over holiday periods, whether you need to hire more customer agents at certain times, and more.

    The reports and analytics available via virtual business phone systems can be instrumental in helping you to micromanage the system and come up with business-savvy decisions.

  7. Enabling Intelligent Call Routing
  8. Another of the other key benefits of using a virtual business phone platform is that incoming calls can be handled with ease and directed to the right team member with the utmost simplicity.

    For instance, you can set up your system so that the calls to your main business phone number go through an auto attendant. That means callers can select the department or person that they need to reach. You can also set up automatic call forwarding based on your hours of operation.

    The other main advantage connected to intelligent call routing is that your team members remain in control of their availability.

    When you utilize intelligent call routing, your customers’ satisfaction is sure to increase. In turn, that leads to more customer loyalty and increased sales.