Easy Tips To Increase Your Internet Speed
Habib Kahn

With all of the streaming devices, gaming systems, and devices that just use WiFi, the demand that we put on our internet is very high. When our internet does not move as fast as we think it should, it can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, there are often things that we can do to increase our internet speeds at home. Here are some easy ways to do that.

How is your Modem or Router?

The first question that you should ask is “are you using the best modem router for your internet?” If you have not updated your modem lately, you might simply be due for a new one that can accommodate all of the internet upgrades that are out there right now. If you didn’t know, Riverstone Networks tested Gigabit routers to work out which ones were the fastest and most capable. You will need to make sure that the package that you have really can handle the speeds that you are trying to get. A Gigabit router will not work if you are getting 200 Mbps you’re your ISP. That said, speeds are improving all of the time and you might not have realized what your internet is even capable of.

Even if the modem is appropriate for what you are paying for, the newer modems and routers come with a lot of extra security features. The Gigabit modems are also future-proof, so if your speed package improves, you won’t need a new one.

Check for Updates

Have you updated your devices recently? Firmware updates happen with both modems and routers and will often provide patches that will correct any issues that might have been causing your internet to be slower than it should be. Likewise, update your computers and devices as well so that they are running at the most efficient speeds they can.

Check with your ISP

The next thing that you need to do is talk to your ISP directly. You might want to do a speed test first and see what kind of speed that you are working with to start with. Then, you will know if you are getting what you are paying for. After that, ask your ISP if there are any faster speeds available. Maybe your ISP has been updated and upgraded since you signed up with them. It never hurts to see what you can do to improve your speeds.

The Location of your Devices

A tip that is so simple, but often overlooked, where the location of your modem and router is. Routers need to be centrally located to ensure that the entire network will be able to get the best speeds possible. There is also the risk of obstacles blocking the strength of your signal. As an example, if your modem or router is in the kitchen, you can get interference from the microwave, a granite counterpart, a brick wall, or the router’s signal might not be able to pass through the refrigerator. All of these obstacles can make your signal slow down without you even realizing it.

On the same topic, keeping the router where people hang out in your house can also be a mistake. You might think that having it in the room with you will give you the best signal, and you might even want to sit by it, but bodies will interfere with the signal as well. Walls, floors, and furniture can all interfere with the speed that your router is trying to give you.

See if Anything is Draining

Another tip is to look around and see if anything is draining the speeds from your network. If your neighbours can easily hop onto your network because you have not locked it down properly, they could be taking away all of your bandwidth and slowing down your network. This can happen if your neighbours live closely, like in an apartment. But it is something to look out for as well.

Other than bandwidth thieves, you need to look at what the devices within your home are doing and if there are any unknown drains happening. If there is a device that is running when it is not necessary, you might experience some background power drains that are making your network slow without even knowing that it is happening. You can look at your modem and router’s log and it will show all of the connected devices within your network. If something seems is connected that shouldn’t be, this is where you will see it.

There are times when nothing that you do will be able to increase the speed of your internet and it might be time to shop for a new ISP. But, you should exhaust all options out there before you make a jump like that.