Digital Transformation can be the Game Changer for Your Business - Here's How
Rob Turner

Digital Transformation can be the Game Changer for Your Business - Here's How

We can all agree that digital transformation should be a priority on the list of things to do in 2021. The pandemic and the situations it generated showed us just how much technology can help improve and smooth up the business process and just how much can be done without having to use paper-based documents and face-to-face meetings.

Moreover, gaps in communication and having to wait for days on end for a manager’s approval should be a thing of the past. Nowadays it’s easy to set tasks using Project Management software and make sure everyone follows through with their assigned jobs. And managers simply receive a notification when someone needs their attention or when something doesn’t go as planned.

Still, for all these to happen, all organizations must embrace digital transformation and make sure all their processes are integrated with technology. And sadly, we still have businesses that don’t understand just how much this process could be of help.

Therefore, to attract the undecided to the “dark side“, where there’s technology and productivity, here are some of the benefits that come with digital transformation:

Organization & Efficiency

Even if the pandemic forced businesses into some type of digital transformation, many did things in a state of panic. And now that things have somehow returned to some type of normal they still see the benefits of integrating technology in their processes and relationship with customers. But, specialists in digital transformation consulting urge business people everywhere to keep going until all their systems are in check and work seamlessly together.

When full digital transformation is reached (a state that’s different from business to business) most bottlenecks and processes that tend to slow down productivity and efficiency will be eliminated.

For instance, in many companies, the IT department is the one where all reports are processed (since they deal with the data collection and processing). This practice leads to delay, especially during reporting periods when departments have to wait in line to get their data. Now, companies that have an automated data collection and processing system don’t have this problem because the algorithm does the job a lot faster and without any mistakes.

Improved Flexibility

When your location and available devices don’t influence your ability to work, it becomes incredibly easy to adapt to changes. Through digital transformation, businesses can offer secure remote access to their main database and employees can work using any fitting device they have around.

Obviously, this type of flexibility is not applicable in all industries and organizations, but it proved extremely useful in domains like sales, delivery, consultancy, management, and more.

Data-Based Decision Making

We now live in the Big Data era where almost any online activity (and not only) generates data that can be collected and used. However, due to the sheer volume of data, businesses that don’t have the proper processing tools (often based on automation) can’t capitalize on this huge benefit.

Without the right tools to extract useful information from this data, the deciding factors of your business will remain in the dark when it comes to market trends and shifts. As a result, your competitors who completed their digital transformation and use real-time data to make decisions will move ahead and there’s a risk they’ll reach out to your customers with a better offer and better customer service.

In Summary

Besides the benefits mentioned above, we can add improved customer satisfaction due to data-based decisions, improved operation efficiency, and improved profitability (among others). So, are you willing to be outrun by your competitors, or are you going to fight back and finish the digital transformation of your business?